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  1. thomasj182


    Aside from deluxe version of PS any new music on the horizon?
  2. Cannot believe plans is 13 years old! I remember falling in love with that album on my first play through! Start to finish that album is incredible. Haven't really listened to much after Narrow Stairs, nothing really stuck, narrow stairs wasn't that great either but Cath. Is easily the best song on that album!
  3. What exactly is this release? I haven't listened to RA since before the black market came out but I keep seeing the ghost notes pop up is it a "reimagining" type album?
  4. Agreed, I listened to it a little this morning on my run and it's a bit on the boring side and really doesn't remind me of anything in their early discography.
  5. I love(d) eudora, i remember buying it while doing some christmas shopping I think my freshman year of college (december 2001) and not knowing what the hell it was but was excited to see new tguk on the rack at media play. Close to Me and New Found Mass were my jams! I love that haunting piano sound in the beginning of New Found Mass, the version on Loveteller is great but the reworked one in my opinion blows it away!
  6. I still have a digital copy of OAW and GS, I'll give em a listen tomorrow when I'm doing lawn work. It's been a hhhhhhhhot minute since I listened to them. I've been blasting swiss army and places at the country club pool i run during the summer while cleaning and make sure everything is good for this weekend's guests and nostalgia has me by the balls!
  7. They lost me at On A Wire I was balls deep into TGUK even though Eudora but for whatever reason i couldn't get into OAW and just kinda lost interest. OAW isn't bad it just never clicked with me. However being older now I feel like I fell out of touch with most of the bands I grew up listening to at some point. Which is probably why I'd buy the shit out of swiss and places hahaha DC lost me on A Mark. The eps he put out drowning and summer, i believe were awesome! I'd even buy those on a 10 or 7.
  8. Never got in to HRC (I know, I know boo hiss), TGUK, saves the day, julianna theory, and dashboard we're my sitting at home alone thinking about a girl jams in hs lol I still fuxxxx with circa 99-04 tguk, std, and dc but anything post 04 I just can't get into. Any thoughts on the new tguk ep? I kept reading that it harkens back to the 4mm and stwha sounds but I don't hear it at all, it just sounds like tguk, older.
  9. There are two types of dashboard fans: then and now. I'm sure we're in the "then" group. That being said, I'd buy the ffffffffffffffuck outa swiss army and places!
  10. Got all 11th grade excited for Swiss army and places.
  11. Preachin to the choir! I wanna hear this before buying. Release a damn song at least S1D!
  12. None that I've seen or found, you find anything?
  13. thomasj182

    The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    I'm Hoping to have it in hand by the end of this week, I'll let you know!
  14. thomasj182

    The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    If anyone is looking for the fat color copy of strung outs newest ep, I might be selling mine. I've been listening to it over the past few days and I'm not really digging it. I love this band to death but this ep is kinda boring. I don't have my physical copy yet so I'll give it a few more listens until I get it to see if it grows on me. It'll be $20 ppd I paid a little over $19 after shipping and taxes. Let me know if you're interested.
  15. These two songs are better than anything on their last two albums. I thought Damage was horrendous and IB wasn't much better but it was way more digestable than Damage.