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  1. elemenopee

    Brand New - Deja Entendu

    awesome! thank you! I live in Toronto now but i'm from Kitchener/Waterloo so head back there fairly often and scope out shops--plus this year it seems they were a better bet than Toronto when it came to Deja ha
  2. elemenopee

    Brand New - Deja Entendu

    Sonic Boom = 1 Kops Records on Queen = 1 i assume Rotate This would've had it but yeah so far can really only confirm the existence of 2 in Toronto. Just over the border in Buffalo had 20 copies, and the earliest people lined up there was 5am--compared to the dude at Sonic Boom who got in line at 11pm the day before...the dude who got it at Kops was in line at 3am
  3. elemenopee

    Brand New - Deja Entendu

    it seems we may live close, if one of your locals has the larger sleeve can you fill me in on where?
  4. elemenopee

    Brand New - Deja Entendu

    haha you must be referring to Encore Records and Millpond Records & Books i'm thinking
  5. Sure doesn't seem like it. Guess I'll join the "screwed" club with you and Daiei. Haven't called CS yet, but I will be during lunch. As an interesting sidenote, who else with a low order number is in the same boat? Are you international? Us three are. I ordered from Canada and had mine canceled. Just received the notification today, despite being order #W83507150101. Needless to say I am pretty bummed, so if anyone has any extras theyd be looking to sell at cost, youd make a Canadian gal super pumped.
  6. similar to other Canadians on here it'd be rad if someone could pick one up for me and ship it at cost? i will be trying to grab DFA1979 on RSD for trades, as another option. PM me please if you are able to help out?
  7. the 3 best bets for toronto will be Rotate This, Vortex or Sonic Boom. it's a total hit and miss as to what store will have what you want though. thank you! i thought rotate perhaps, but also thought it might end up being one of the more packed ones?
  8. Yes it was stores in this area, I figured I may need to head to Toronto though.. Any idea which shops would be more likely to carry these? Thanks. im actually still trying to figure that out myself as the one i went to last year has since shut down if i hear of anything though ill be sure to post. other Toronto people, weigh in on where to head to?
  9. did you only contact stores in waterloo? also, last year i found that contacting stores 1 month in advance was too early, at least for this area. last year i found that a trip to toronto did the trick.
  10. elemenopee

    Dine Alone / Record Store Day 2012

    such an awesome idea! i miss those guys!
  11. I only become the vulture if I've already had one and want a second. I'm not "take the first one" guy, but I'm definitely sneak a second one guy. im more like "take the last one" girl but only after it's sat there for a long time with no one else touching it because for some reason people seem scared to take the last one..always
  12. i feel like a dork asking, but i know for TAITA that there were some incredibly kind members who picked up copies for those in Canada/International at cost so that we wouldnt get dinged the $30 in HT shipping. I was just wondering if any of those amazing people will be doing this again, and if so if i can get in on this early and not miss the boat like i did with TAITA? if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated
  13. Bumping this for the gal above. thank you kindly that was much appreciated
  14. so im really late to the party on this one as i JUST found out about this and being that im from Canada I am not super pumped on the idea of paying $30 for shipping.. is there anyone that can help me out and is willing to pick up a copy and send to Canada? If so that would be really awesome and I'd be super grateful. i honestly feel like a dork for asking but i figured it was worth a shot
  15. the Beat Goes On? or is there just another chain similar to that haha