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  1. I miss Var too but I don't think anyone misses his businesses practices
  2. That would actually be a good idea. Just put the album on both sides instead of an etching
  3. I like this band but $24 plus shipping for 17 minutes of music is absurd
  4. I kind of figured that was all the case. Hopefully at some point prices go back down. Although their new music output has slowed down a bit too. Could be a problem at most indie labels for all I know. Just thinking out loud I guess not trying to make assumptions
  5. Fat's prices have gone up and up and they've been releasing less new music. Makes me wonder what's up with them
  6. I wish I knew what happened with this band. They were supposedly working on new music and they've just disappeared
  7. I completely forgot I preordered this and I moved. Thanks for the heads up!

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