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  1. Yeah after seeing all of this, I don't think i'll be ordering from this label again. If it weren't Strike Anywhere, I dont think I would have pre-ordered at all. Bundling is such a crazy practice that takes advantage of hardcore fans and it's kept me from ordering a lot of things I normally would.
  2. Damn didnt know this was only 7 songs. Don't know if its gonna be enough for me!
  3. any idea when the US one comes out?
  4. Same. I'll have to wait on this one unfortunately.
  5. I broke the needle on my U-Turn turntable and I was hoping I wouldn't have to replace the whole cartridge. Does anyone know a needle replacement? Can I use any? Thanks for the help
  6. They probably redid it because of the orchestra. Wanted to make it sounds as good as possible for them.
  7. "In 2019, Exotic was convicted on 17 federal charges of animal abuse (eight violations of the Lacey Act and nine of the Endangered Species Act)"
  8. I dont know if I can watch this. I feel like he does some horrific things to these animals and I dont really want to see or glorify that
  9. Got Suicide Machines and Pears in the mail. Love the black color of the vinyl
  10. Maybe he was intimidated since he literally had to look up to you
  11. https://memoryleakband.bandcamp.com/ My friend's band from TJ - Memory Leak