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  1. dynamitekid

    The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    The 7" pre order is up. So glad they made new music
  2. dynamitekid

    Smartpunk Exclusives

    Would love a copy of those less than jake records
  3. dynamitekid

    PO: Alk3 - Goddamnit Picture Disc

    Is the test press also a picture disc? Or just a regular ole disc?
  4. dynamitekid

    PO Now: Algernon Cadwaller Reissues + Comp

    Is this band super popular? I'm surprised people still remember them.
  5. Some real old school posters on here
  6. dynamitekid

    The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    So it wont be available otherwise? Id rather just have it on black but I dont have a copy at all
  7. dynamitekid

    Hot Water Music vinyl

    Thats going to be pretty cool. Im only missing a few of their LPs and it would be nice to have more options, even though Rise will be considerably more expensive than No Idea used to be
  8. dynamitekid

    US to Exit 144 Year Old Postal Treaty

    Can someone explain how this is a bad thing? Seems like it could potentially generate more revenue for USPS.
  9. dynamitekid


    Nice. That shits gonna be good
  10. I'll give them that. It looks very nice.
  11. Lol those are shockingly priced considering you can get the first 2 for $27 total on Fat
  12. dynamitekid

    The Weezer Thread

    These will collect dust guaranteed. The meme is basically dead now
  13. dynamitekid

    PO: Colossal - Welcome the Problems

    ME too. I feel like they've played like 20 shows total in their existence
  14. dynamitekid

    PO: Colossal - Welcome the Problems

    This album is amazing. I've always wanted to see them live but they so rarely play shows