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  1. https://memoryleakband.bandcamp.com/ My friend's band from TJ - Memory Leak
  2. Id be shocked if they didn't I bet they announce it after Coachella is over
  3. No chance im paying $150 a ticket for this. Fucking ridiculous how they and their fans can justify this.
  4. LMAO tickets start at $125 before fees for some of the shows. CASH GRAB
  5. Im glad that they are at least going all in with selling out. No reason to half ass it at this point
  6. Me in high school would have been ALL over this
  7. PHEW the color must have went fast. I'm thinking a bunch of people may have put "eat more fruit" on their New Years Resolution list and must have ordered this by mistake. I'll just wait until they inevitably realize what they've done, cancel their orders and snag a color then.
  8. like a phoenix once a Brand New thread locks another takes its place!
  9. finally got the new Pup album. Wish the Flatliners last lp was still in print
  10. No ones posted in this thread in a year and a half so im just here to say...Fuck the Astros
  11. So uhhhh whatever became of this? The account is private now and no information has come out