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  1. Is this label doing alright? Seems like some of the bands they signed recently have switched over to Pure Noise
  2. God damn those LPs are $43 each shipped. Would love to have them but geez
  3. Im glad that it existed and I wish it would come back but the bands they have on the tour aren't my tastes anymore so I dont think I would go back. The lineups were aimed at the youths .
  4. Wow nice to see such a thorough response from a label
  5. Wow I completely forgot about this. I need to search my email for other pre orders I made that got delayed.
  6. Of course it is. Dude's never had an original idea in his life
  7. I mean...thats fine but he fucked over a LOT of people in a lot of different ways. There are worse things to be concerned about but it is nice to take 5 seconds to shit on this guy again. Especially on this board.
  8. This fucking con man's going to pay back the labels he stole from with Kimchi.
  9. Awesome. Ive seen them a couple times and its always great.
  10. Imagine being proud of cheating your way to a championship. Worthless

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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