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  1. everything is up for the right offer. Get up kids, Joey Cape, and all test press, mars volta and a few others are not for sale. send me offers ships from Canada
  2. they were not rude or anything, shipping rates had gone up so they didn't wan't to reship and i didn't want to reorder anything so that's where it ended
  3. mattalica17

    Arcade Fire - Reflektor

    Catalog NumbCatalog Catalog Number:Catalog Number: Catalog Number: MRG484 MRG484Number
  4. i made 2 orders with them a few years ago and only got 1 that was the last time i used their site.
  5. Bryan Adams does't need to slap a bass. he just holds it softly and the bass slaps it's self.
  6. spring break tapes and love all day has some good music
  7. hey tape fans check this shit out over 40 free tapes and a player http://www.chartattack.com/contests/2013/08/29/contest-win-our-massive-amazing-cassette-store-day-prize-pack/