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  1. Thanks desensitizedbyu, here's some karma...
  2. can someone copy and paste the info into the message board, I can't access that site from work Thanks
  3. Anyone know the pressing info for Tell all your Friends, and Where you want to be?
  4. whats the pressing info on this, i bought it when it first came out and I know there was a repress, were there any others and is it available anywhere?
  5. So I graduated college (still can't spell) and moved 6 hours north to the Metro West area of Massachusetts (nailed it!). Anyway, this past summer when I was on this board everyday 9am - 5pm (boring internship) I remember there were a handful of people from the New England area. Today I discovered Newberry Comics, which has a wicked (thats the expression here right?) selection but what other good record stores are there around the New England area? Lemme know. [edit]
  6. Youth of Today "Break Down the Walls" whats the pressing info on this? They don't have it listed on RevHq the copyrights on the record are 1986, 1988, 1993, and 1997 so I'm guessing mine is a 1997 pressing. Also, it's on white. Any insight would be great.
  7. I just picked up this record in new york and I thought it was a rare bootleg but I found it in the "new 7 inches" box in the store. Is this a record that has been repressed? Regardless its still pretty cool.
  8. I don't know where the clear comes in, but when I orderd the blue from their website in spring 2002 the colors available were white, blue, and black
  9. That can't be right, I first bought this record on black at one of their shows then sold it to a friend so I could buy it on blue from their website that same week.
  10. I just picked up The Lemonheads "laughing all the way to the cleaners" 1993 reissue on blue... anyone wanna trade?
  11. Picked this up a month ago. side a: in regards to myself side b: writing on the walls released 2006 on T&N/SolidState Cover has two dudes fighting. Any info?
  12. Revelation definetly. I think the only bands on victory I liked in the 90's was shutdown and catch 22. In my opinion I think victory should have made some sort of imprint label for their non-hardcore stuff.
  13. Got my record from stefan when I came home on sunday. Great guy to deal with, awesome pack job.
  14. Got my record from stefan when I came home on sunday. Great guy to deal with, awesome pack job.
  15. I can't help it, I still refer to them as American Nightmare..... For a while their flyers just listed them as "AN" then "American Nothing". When I saw them at Skatefest ('00??) in Worchester I couldn't tell when they were playing because of the stupid name change. BTW "Backround Music" one of the best albums ever. just sayin' yeah, I still call them American Nightmare just out of habit even though I hate the name. I remember seeing them at some point when they were American Nothing, weird how they couldn't even use that.
  16. kyle keeps it real, got it to me really quick and packaged nicely. Kyle = great trader
  17. kyle keeps it real, got it to me really quick and packaged nicely. Kyle = great trader
  18. I'm so glad they had to change there name. I always thought "American Nightmare" was the gayest shit I ever heard. I just picked up the 4 song demo at CI Records, so it might still be available
  19. Had my first drink at 13 then got drunk here and there when I was a freshman and sophmore in highschool and then didn't drink until college. Then got fat.
  20. ha ha ha, my friends always get me with that one.
  21. wait a minute, are you saying they stopped making cassette tapes? Or just the reel to reel stuff?
  22. I always thought this was a cute one of me and my older brother when we lived in Kiev, Ukraine. Thanks MTV for pimping my ride!