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  1. 1. Live at Drexel Vol. 2 (7") 3 way split with Huntingtons, Ghoti Hook, and someone else 2. Huntingtons "You're not Right" (7") 3. Huntingtons "All the stuff and more" (CD) 4. Huntingtons "Rocket to Ramonia" (CD) 5. Huntingtons "The only one" (CD) 6. Huntingtons "Sweet Sixteen" (CD) 7. Huntingtons "S/T" (CD) 8. Huntingtons "The soothing sounds of..." (CD) split with The Retarded I'm trying to complete their discography (this only being a fraction of it). If anyone has these let me know, I'll make you a cash (paypal) offer.
  2. anyone try that "market place" or whatever feature that buy.com started on facebook? I think it's an amazing idea, especially for selling books and whatever else (that will probably go towards buying more books). Too bad it only came about when I have only 1 more semester left of college. Could be a good place for people on this board to post vinyl they want to sell.
  3. I still have most of my cassettes and even though I was in highschool 1999-2003 when CDs and CDRs especially were huge, I still refused to get a CD player in my car and actually bought a brand new after market cassette deck thats still in it today. I found it a lot easier to just record vinyl to cassette than doing it to cd, but I did have a lot of the retail pressed stuff. In the end I won cause anyone who bought a CD player then and has an ipod now has to use that shitty fm transmitter which is the worst sounding shit I ever heard. I use the cassette adapter which is a lot better. Now pretty much all cd players have an aux. port.
  4. Pretty sure anytime I'm in a coffee shop I can find at least one guy who's head I'd like to smash into the counter.
  5. I have their first LP 39/Smooth and was just curious if anyone knows what that title means. Also, the first track on the LP is "at the library with waba se wasca" but on the cd it's just "at the library" Just curious.
  6. for all you math rock nerds: Algeb-rock
  7. Mars U episode is the best, hands down. I love when bender meets the nerds at the Mars U chapter of his fraternity Epsilon Rho Rho and they ask him to make them cool. Bender: Hmm, OK. But I'll need 10 kegs of beer, a continuous tape of Louie Louie and a regulation two-story panty-raid ladder.
  8. Lookout Records is selling Pansy Division and Raoou/Skinned Teen test pressings for cheap in case anyone is interested. http://lookout.littletype.com/newly-added-grpcat.php
  9. you don't use facebook or myspace? How do you get laid? just kidding I don't use myspace anymore but I think facebook is great for college. Personally I like the photo tagging thing since I rarely take pictures (even though thats also the same reason I'll probably never become an elected official).
  10. yeah, vinyl is basically a sausage fest
  11. joined, time to start poking... seriously though, what is that crap?
  12. oh my gosh, is this real? It seems like dirty stinkin' hippies will buy anything that Jerry Garcia wiped his ass with. I mean come on, a sink? Is there nothing left to auction off for charity anymore? "hey, we want to raise money for a good cause" "uuuhh, here's a hot water pipe from Jerry Garcia's house, good luck"
  13. My dad just bought "The Puffy Chair". It's an indie flick by the Duplass Brothers, it was pretty good. Also, I'm really excited to see Super Bad.
  14. I don't get why this is a sad song. It always makes me nostalgic and wistful, but not sad. The lyrics are just about people enjoying life. Why is it sad for you? I see what you're saying, it used to make me happy, but now it's more of a "you can never get those days back" kind of song... you know?
  15. I saw one episode and it is freakin' hillarious, haven't had the time to watch more but I can't wait. I think I heard they're actually putting out records of their songs. The one where the dude meets that girl at a party killed me.
  16. I just ate there for lunch and I feel like crap, anyone else here do stuff they know they'll regret but do it anyway? Now I just wanna go home early even though I came in real late and took a long lunch to drive to the McDonald's. (mmmmm delicious regrets)
  17. Bob Dylan - Sad Eyed Lady of the Low Land The Stryder - Key of Crime The Zombies - The Way I Feel Inside Brand New - Jesus Something Corporate - Globes & Maps Taking Back Sunday - Your Own Disaster (b-side on A Decade... 7") Brand New - Soco Amaretto Lime Iron & Wine - Sodom, South Georgia Love Spit Love - Am I wrong (Angus Soundtrack version)
  18. why are the graphics on picture discs always so low quality?
  19. I'm not a fan of smartpunk either, or picture discs
  20. I saw this thread go up a while ago but never saw the video (youtube banned at work) until just now and I'm not impressed. The kid has a deep voice, and sings lame lyrics, I dunno, I love any kind of hillarious videos but this is boring and not funny... and I've been drinking.
  21. Yeah, I think the waiting till a band breaks up rule isn't a bad one, cause you never know what kind of crap a band can go on to put out. Remember when Promise Ring put out Very Emergency? One of my rules is that if you're into punk/hardcore your back calf is automatically reserved for a hardcore tattoo of a band who either started or ended in the late 80's to late 90's. So no Comeback Kid ink yet. [this is just a personal rule of no merit so please don't bring the hate if you're back calf is an x-wing/tie fighter battle scene]
  22. This is how I prefer it as well, anyone see that guys Against Me! collection on the "post a pic of your vinyl (band or label)" thread? I think that many colors/presses is excessive. I'm also not a big fan of when a label makes a new repress more limited than the original.
  23. http://s183.photobucket.com/albums/x113/dim193/7%20inches/
  24. Thank goodness I'm not an against me fan, I'd hate to try collect all of that. I think it's a little excessive on no idea's part. No offense on the collection though, I'm amazed. No one wonder everyone talks about how broke vinyl makes them.