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  1. Use to work at a record store. Ordered it from a wholesaler.
  2. Can't believe there's a four page thread about Lush around this place. Should have my box set tonight. I'm only looking forward to the Topolino press as I have all the originals. I should pull all my Lush stuff together for a photo one day. Been extensively collecting them since the mid 90's.
  3. Really surprised that they're not gonna play LA or SF. Looking forward to new record.
  4. Anyone wanna pick up the SOD/Deftones 7" for me? I'm stuck at work all day.
  5. No need to even explain it dude. People will bitch no matter what. Thanks for all the years of great music (and releases etc etc).
  6. Color of Noise Soundtrack, Lush and Deftones are what I'm planning to get. I'm sure a few more things will pop up. I'm very surprised to see a Lush release. A 'best of' is not something I actually need but I have everything Lush has ever released so I gotta keep that collection complete.
  7. That was not a bootleg. They had shirts and a hoodie with that style logo back in the "good old days".
  8. Haha, $80 windbreakers. I bought the old "Sacto, CA" one for like $25 on tour in the mid 90's. Those prices are just nuts.
  9. Missed this due to work but thankfully a fine gentlemen from another board got me. There's also gonna be a second variant with GID sleeve for Halloween. No other details yet but I'm guessing it's gonna be a gig exclusive.
  10. Failure - The Heart is a Monster Molly McGuire - III FNM - Sol Invictus
  11. Ordering from Amazon UK and hoping for the blue. I gotta keep my Failure collection complete.
  12. For those that want more (50-100) at a good price, check here: http://store.soundsourcecds.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=65_70&products_id=195