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  1. Ordered the WW 7" with the Alert 7". Immensely stoked on new Blacklisted. Wow.
  2. bump what's crackin anyone got it? Willing to talk prices
  3. Anyone still got this? Looking for any pressing and as cheap as possible.
  4. I have no idea how good the BSM shipping is. All I know is that banquet is really dependable, good and fast. Can't lose with them.
  5. I think it's sold out. I don't know though. You should just order from the UK.
  6. I see your point. But look at the facts. No one paid for the ruler, it was FREE. No one forced you to buy a record in the B9 store, people did that themselves. No one was tricked in any way. It's a goddamn joke and people get butthurt about it.
  7. Buzzkill alert. It's for record stores and collectors. Keeping Record stores alive is a good cause in my opinion. Just keep checking eBay for those rare records, baby.
  8. Biggest crybabies ever in this thread. Amazing joke. Everyone who's mad about this: Up yours, cry some more please.
  9. If anyone still wants a TDON one feel free to PM me for a black one.

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