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  1. BTW, when did the change the drummer? Or was it only on this Euro tour?
  2. The thread title would make a perfect Post-Rock band name
  3. Fantastic album! Was a real grower. Hated it first, but now it’s freakin‘ awesome. Only two skippers (Thanks & Delicious), but Rest is Killer!
  4. Yeah, their orient doom approach was fantastic! haha, thankfully, you’re not as nerdy in real life as on this board my impression from the few minutes we’ve got to talk...
  5. Awesome news! Looking forward to seeing a headline show of them some time here in Germany They were one of my favorite acts on dunk beside RC (obviously), ef and Wyatt E. Was nice meeting you, Gumbo...finally made me forget all prejudices I had about you
  6. So ridiculously good! Was great to finally see these guys live last weekend!
  7. Sasan

    [Wanted] The Mars Volta- Frances The Mute

    Have one, shoot me a PM
  8. Yeah, same here...lame
  9. Sasan

    VINYL (HBO Show)

  10. Yeah, therefore I asked...knew gets the finished songs and puts his lyrics on the songs with Tool...
  11. Did MJK write any of the music at all?
  12. Sasan

    Record Store Day 2018

    Did anyone in Europe get their hands on the BASS COMMUNION s/t or knows if their shops still have it? Need it