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  1. I'm happy to report some progress. A friend had wisely advised me to make sure I had everything in hand (artwork, masters, possibly my own lacquer, money) before contacting the pressing company. I decided it was finally time to look at getting lacquers cut -- even though I was worried about getting a lacquer cut and nowhere to press it -- and finally talked to my mastering guy (Alex DeTurk, who is really great) and asked who he'd recommend to cut a lacquer and he referred me to Scott Hull at Masterdisk. This really broke the log jam. Scott Hull is not cheap, but he's quite well known and Masterdisk has some of the best gear in the world. His secret weapon is his studio manager, Mickie Steier, who is super nice and friendly and who directly introduced me to 3 different contacts at three different pressing companies. She first mentioned Vinyl De Paris, saying they had done some 'beautiful test pressings.' She also said Microforum in Canada was good. And lastly, she connected me to someone at Gotta Groove. Mickie's introduction cleared away a lot of the suspicion I might otherwise have encountered by contacting these companies directly because they know she works at Masterdisk and that she's serious. It also reassured me to have her recommendation because Masterdisk knows what they are doing. I contacted all 3 companies and learned that Gotta Groove currently has a 10-month turnaround time. Microforum estimated 26 to 28 weeks for turnaround (although I think they'll let you pay a rush fee to reduce this considerably) and VDP said their turnaround time was 14 weeks. I decided to go with VDP and have sent off my artwork. Unfortunately, everyone in Paris goes on vacation in August, so this will slow things down by 4 weeks, but I should receive my vinyl around November if all goes well. I've received my test lacquer from Scott Hull and I played it and I'm PUMPED. My experience with Scott & Mickie at Masterdisk has been really encouraging, and VDP has been very helpful, too. They answer all my questions clearly and promptly, and I'm impressed with their attention to detail so far.
  2. Not that anyone cares, but just got off the phone with discmakers. I asked who they use to press their vinyl (which takes 26 weeks for delivery) and they declined to answer. The person explained that they have numerous partners and must opportunistically use whoever is available, depending on market circumstances.
  3. These look nice! Thanks for the link. I had been looking at The Vinyl Factory. I have some contacts in UK so this is interesting.
  4. I had no idea CDBaby offered vinyl pressing. I guess the be-wary-of-newcomers warning should be applied. I'd be very curious what results your friend gets.
  5. The off-topic responses do tend to undermine its intended purpose, which is to identify a reputable, reliable vinyl pressing organization that is actually accepting orders.
  6. This is what I've heard, and precisely what I'm afraid of. Have you any idea which plants were responsible for the botched product? Wanna name any names about the records?
  7. Has anyone ever ordered a *new* record and gotten bad product? Any real-world examples?
  8. I've been sternly warned about newcomers to vinyl pressing -- pressing vinyl is quirky and inexperienced companies can roll out a lot of junk. Or so I've heard, anyway. Copy Cats appears to specialize in CDs. I will sniff around some more, though. Who knows, they may just be a broker/agent for one of the other pressing companies?
  9. Thanks for the warning. Not really sure what transpired there, but I doubt Dreamworks or Universal made any licensing deal with Ross/ETR without our consent. Nobody paid me a cent in royalties -- or even offered me a copy of it.
  10. This is very helpful! I've been googlin' and googlin' and it sounds like GZ is a big operation and YES I've seen mixed reports on them. My mastering guy has a dude I want to use to cut a lacquer. I plan to call my dude tomorrow and I'll have to ask about DMM so thanks also for that tidbit. I'm ready to press 500 copies and I'm not that concerned about shipping amid all the other costs. That said, I'm in Los Angeles. Isn't RTI in Cali somewhere?
  11. That was a bootleg, which was pressed without my consent or knowledge. Maybe I should call them up? Does anybody know if it was a good pressing?
  12. **OFF-TOPIC** I appreciate your kind interest but plz direct your queries to suitable FB/twitter (which we never respond to). We need some followers TBH.
  13. Ehhh i should not have mentioned it. I got defensive when youspinmeround said I have 'no experience.' It's SDK in the movie Eurotrip. I share credit with three other guys.