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  1. Does anyone have a download of this where the first two tracks aren't the same?
  2. ^Same thing happened to mine. So ready to spin this bad boy.
  3. Band rules. I think it's sweet you own all those. I have it on purplez.
  4. dude, you're probably so blazebaked with all those dopesmokers.
  5. So, yeah this is overpriced. That being said... bought that shit.
  6. Ordered through No Idea. So stoked for this album.
  7. awwwwwwww yeah! got the pink/black. New song here: http://www.altpress.com/features/entry/premiere_the_saddest_landscape_in_love_with_the_sound
  8. Made me lol. I think I read somewhere that they said this album was a one off departure record. So hopefully that's true.