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  1. Love some White Lung and this sounds like it's gonna be different. Gonna have to wait and listen to the whole album to form an honest opinion.
  2. Hmm. I think I'm going to try this. I will be attempting to take the files from a Mac hard drive and access them from my Windows PC so I think I will need to download some software to be able to read the files. Just ordered an enclosure from Amazon.
  3. I downloaded sharepod but it wouldn't really work until you paid for it. I think its $20, I may go that route of its legit. I don't know how to throw the hardrive from my MacBook into an external enclosure or what a VM is. I guess I could google it. Sounds like expensive stuff I need to buy. That's (one of) my problem(s) with tech. There's always something else you have to buy lol. I figured buying an external hard drive and a new computer would be enough...
  4. Apparently I suck at technology and am fed up and frustrated and at this point desperate for some help. My old MacBook from 2009 had all my music on it and was synced with my iphone. That piece of garbage barely worked and somehow I managed to sync my current iPhone 6 to it whenever I first got it. I finally bought a new computer this year (surface pro 4) so I would like to transfer what little music I have on this iPhone to my new computer before syncing it and erasing everything. If I have to I'll erase it and start over but I figured I'd check to see if anyone here has had any experience with this kind of thing. I've been using Spotify for the past few years just so I wouldn't have to deal with the hassle of downloading music on my piece of shit slow ass MacBook. I've looked into software like sharepod and similar programs but they all look sketchy AF and cost a lot of money. I also bought an external hard drive (when I got my new computer) to transfer my music from my old MacBook to my new computer but I couldn't get it to boot up. Oh well. If I'm better off erasing it and starting fresh let me know.
  5. Looking for the Turning Point discography if anybody wants to keep an eye out. Thanks
  6. Love this band. Missed out the last time around so this is awesome. Clumsy is still my favorite but this ones great nonetheless.
  7. So much want but just can't. Ill bitch about the prices I guess, they're really bad. I hope they get their money though and go on another tour. I'll listen to the new album when it's on spotify and hopefully catch a show. Best of luck to em.
  8. Very cool stuff. Didn't know about the YouTube channel. Thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention. I'll pick AFI - All Hallows
  9. Saw this band play before The Hotelier at Fest and was really impressed. To me, this song sounds more like how their live set sounded than their previously recorded material. Very cool. Gonna pick this up.
  10. Got my copy in the mail today. It's nice to finally have this on vinyl and be able to spin it and read along. Love it!
  11. They have a deal today if you buy the cd for $10 you get a free shirt. Picked up the cd and a tshirt for $15 after shipping. Not vinyl, but not bad. http://titlefight.limitedrun.com/products/543610-hyperview-cd-free-t-shirt
  12. Sidekicks are one of my favorite bands. This album is so good I keep getting melodies stuck in my head and think, I gotta spin that record later, only to realize it's this which I don't have a copy of yet unfortunately lol. I'm probably going to see them tomorrow in Columbus so the plan is to pick it up while I'm there.
  13. Added a few of you guys. Just bit the bullet and changed my Gamertag to Sappy Clone, so whoever wants can add me. I dont really play much games on there now, waiting for Destiny and Halo.
  14. Awesome. Ill add you guys. My gamer tag is shinigami wings . I want to change it but I don't want to pay 10 bucks to do so. I don't have a wii u yet but if I did I would be buying some old titles from the virtual console. All kinds of good games on there from the snes era at least and I think they are planning on adding more 64 era stuff.

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