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  1. Pickle Rick was got off to an awesome start but then it was too many long fight scenes (long for a 20 minute show..), not enough comedy dialogue.
  2. The Taken King story was badass but I could have done without the space aids (other than the outbreak prime quest)
  3. Jerry getting slapped in the face by that creatures balls over and over had me cracking up
  4. Anyone have/had knee tendonitis? I fought it for months. Tried rest, wraps, foam rolling, stretching, etc. These things help lessen pain but didn't fix the problem. Got an eccentric squat board. Problem fixed in a week. Have almost 100% range of motion back in my knee. Just sharing for anyone who may be experiencing..
  5. Breath of the Wild It's good, but I feel like it was a bit overhyped. It's basically every other Zelda game that I've ever played from Ocarina on with just a much bigger map.
  6. Yeah it's been tough this month. A lot of hot, muggy days. Toughing through it in the summer should make everything easier in the fall. Ours yesterday was all cardio: 2000m row 150 double unders 10 rounds of: 5 pull ups 10 push ups 15 air squats finished in just under a half hour but I was drenched in sweat. I also suck at double unders. I always do singles and double the quantity. Otherwise I would be constantly hitting my feet.
  7. http://www.motorcitycrossfitscs.com/ They use the wodify app now but you can see a bunch of historical WODs on the website (WOD is Workout - of - Day for anyone reading and wondering wtf is a WOD).
  8. Joined a crossfit gym. Still think it's a bit of a ripoff (I could do everything I do there in my basement with equipment I already have) but I've reached the point in my life where fitness (and motivation for fitness) are more valuable than money. It gets me moving and breaks up the monotony of a 5x5 workout. At 30, less worried about 1RM and focusing more on cardiovascular health. Biggest trouble for me has been flexibility. I haven't touched my toes in probably 15 years. I'm getting close. Still have a lot of issues with wrist, lat, hip tightness that I'm working through over time. It just hadn't been a problem before given the way I lifted. I can post the workouts here if people want (not going to do all the warmups, stretches, etc...Just the WOD). Today was: 25 cleans (95#) 25 wall balls (20#) 100m sprint 4m for the workout (start doing cleans again after you get through it once) 4m rest Same but 20 reps 4m rest Same but 15 reps Scale down for women or up if you are in really awesome shape.
  9. Can this be confirmed through a reputable source? If so, I'm fascinated. Not that I think CNN is a front or something, just that it seems crazy in today's world that you could create an organization like this and not be constantly sued off your ass for religious persecution. Interesting fact -- Jewish people make up about .2% of the world's population and have won about 22% of the Nobel prizes ever awarded. Clearly their culture has a big impact in driving them towards greatness in their field..
  10. Trying to price a bit less than discogs.. Prefer to sell as a set but individuals is fine too. Snapshot (w/ Nagel) - Clear ($15) Ole Diesel - Blue Marble ($10) Muff Potter Split - Black ($4) Austin Lucas Split - Black ($8) Anderson Family Bluegrass Split 9" - Half Green / Silver ($15)

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