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  1. oterecords

    Kid Dynamite LPs up at MerchNOW?

    Finally! I talked to Jade Tree a while before those TIH ones were pressed and they had said they planned on repressing them both. Awesome!
  2. Also I just got back last night, so if you haven't received your jackets yet they will be getting sent out over the next few days, or by the latest monday. I'm trying to catch up with everything as quickly as possible and if you have any questions please PM me.
  3. Usually no, most of the time I just do a screenprint of the cover but I'll change it up slightly. I have done plenty of covers that was artwork taken from shirts, posters, patches, etc. But if you're asking if you can give me an idea and i can actually design it, probably not. If its something relatively simple then sure no problem, but designing for me takes a lot longer than working with the artwork thats already there. Feel free to PM me though if you've got something specific in mind and we can definitely talk about it
  4. Most everything has been shipped out, only a couple haven't made it into the mail so if you haven't gotten yours yet you probably will this upcoming week. I'm going to PM the people who's jackets haven't made it out yet. With that being said. I'm leaving town for about a week-week and a half, I'm flying back to NY for a funeral. So if your jackets haven't been shipped they won't get sent out until I return. I'm sorry about the inconvenience, even though this wasn't something totally out of the blue it just wasn't something that was expected to happen right now. I'll still be in contact with everyone and I'll still be taking orders if people want to make new orders. Just know that the turnaround time will be a little longer than usual. If you need to get a hold of me for anything, feel free to PM me.
  5. Obviously I can't totally judge an album based on snippets but I already like the sound of it more than Midnight In America. But I'll have to hear the whole thing before I can really judge how it pars up to Witness, I'm sure I'm going to enjoy the album either way though.
  6. anyone know if i pre-order this through deathwish with a credit card, does it not charge me until its shipping or is it an immediate charge?
  7. oterecords

    Post Your Record Storage Area

    In the process of designing some custom record storage shelving units. I'll post picures here as the designs come together and then as it gets built. It might be something I start doing for people (at least locally).
  8. Thanks! there'll be some more cool ones getting pictures posted soon!
  9. Thanks guys, Like I've said its honestly a lot of fun to do these covers for everyone on the board. Sure making a few extra bucks is nice but I can also understand the feeling when someone gets one of these in the mail and finally has something awesome to house their test presses in. Lets face it most people tend to drop a lot on test pressings and if you're gonna do it, it might as well look really good. I'm just focused on making sure everyone is 100% happy with what they get
  10. These came out really nice.But I'll let it be a surprise for when you get them! I'll be finished with all current orders this weekend, looking for some new orders!
  11. PM'd Also, if I haven't gotten back to you yet please message me. I'm doing my best to stay on top of everyones questions and mockups but I have gotten a lot of messages.