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  1. So now that we know that QOTSA is coming, what's the right move here? Subscribe now or wait to subscribe once it gets properly announced?
  2. Live and Loud Colored variant on the website is down to 567, if anyone was trying to buy both to save on shipping.
  3. No. 781. No seam splits. I thought it was actually packed pretty well. It came in one of those “frustration free” mailers ala Amazon.
  4. DM me if you’re interested in anything. Armor For Sleep - What to Do When You Are Dead- (Pink) Hawthorne Heights - The Silence In Black and White (Clear) Hawthorne Heights - If Only You Were Lonely (Blue Putty) Norah Jones - Day Breaks (Orange) Mae - The Everglow New Found Glory - Not Without a Fight (Friends Press Pink /100) New Found Glory - Radiosurgery - Yellow New Found Glory - Radiosurgery - Black Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow (Record Release Black in Yellow) Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow (Orange /150) OST - Drive (Mondo Picture Disc 2x LP) Tennis - Young & Old This Time Next Year - Drop Out of Life (Subcription Pressing 5/30) Touche Amore - Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me - (Europe Pressing /500)
  5. Subreddit r/VinylCollectors is pretty active.
  6. Bundle offer including both 'Brothers & Sisters' 7" Colour Vinyl Reissue for £15. 'The Brothers' 7" Pink Colour Vinyl Single Track Listing: A. Brothers & Sisters B. Easy To Please 'The Sisters' 7" Blue Colour Vinyl Single Track Listing: A. Brothers & Sisters B. Only Superstition Coldplay consist of Guy Berryman (bass), Jonny Buckland (guitar), Will Champion (drums / vocals) and Chris Martin (vocals / guitar). On April 26th 1999 they released the ‘Brothers & Sisters’ EP on fierce panda records and then…well, then things went a bit weird. To celebrate the anniversary of the release fierce panda is launching a perky pre-order of a reissue which is expected to reach planet panda on July 12th 2019. The original ‘Brothers & Sisters’ release was a two-track 7” (‘Brothers & Sisters’ and ‘Easy To Please’) and a three track compact disc single with ‘Only Superstition’ as the third song. The catalogue number was NING 68. Both limited edition formats sold out immediately with ‘Brothers & Sisters’ roaring into the charts at number 92. We suspect demand for CD singles these days is somewhat diminished by the vagaries of technology. So after a bit of hi-fallutin’ pencil-chewing in the top secret second panda office (ie the White Swan on Highbury Corner N1 1RY) we came up with a sweet way of delivering all three tracks in one fresh manner across two limited edition gender-smashing coloured vinyl 7” singles as outlined above. The two singles will be released on the same day and are therefore available to PRE-ORDER simultaneously – either separately or as a double trouble bundle - on April 26th. Aside from a version of ‘Brothers & Sisters’ appearing on their ‘Trouble’ single a year later on Parlophone, legend (and the global internet) has it that these three tracks have barely been touched by the hand of Coldplay since released. In which case 7” single aficionados may like to know that this is the first and quite possibly only time that ‘Only Superstition’ has ever been or indeed ever will be released on vinyl. http://www.fiercepanda.co.uk/shop.php?release=645
  7. Hopefully my Green Day Dr Strange LP order goes through!!!