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  1. If you're looking to sell / trade, PM me.
  2. olopez6919

    The Wonder Years - Sister Cities

    Wonder if they’ll have the book on tour. Or a tour variant of some sort.
  3. olopez6919

    PO: Now, Now - Saved

    Hoping for a variant of some sort.
  4. olopez6919

    Jeff Rosenstock - POST-

    My guy Whurudus
  5. olopez6919


    I have this. PM me
  6. Seems the first split should be arriving in 2 days. Nice.
  7. The initial pre order was /200, but it seems that they will put up less limited versions of this up soon. I imagine you'll be able to buy the 7" individually as well.
  8. Where did he play in LA?!
  9. Via the PO Page... http://badtimingrecords.limitedrun.com/products/611739-devinyl-splits-vol-2-express-line-subscription You get every single one of the split 7"s delivered to your door on an exclusive color of vinyl. Each split 7" will be pressed on two vinyl variants. One variant will be a half-and-half colorway, and it will be limited to 200 units. That's the one you'll get. The other variant will be a solid color, and it will be limited to different quantities depending on which split we're talking about. But that number will always be more than 200. By purchasing the premium subscription, you're guaranteeing yourself the rare variant for all six splits. -- You get digital downloads of each split, delivered to your inbox before the official release date. The digital downloads will be sent to you via the Bad Timing Records email newsletter, but it will be personalized for Devinyl Splits subscribers. If you don't see something from us by the end of March, check ya spam. -- You get an enamel pin. This will be shipped with your first split, in March. That's the second image you see on this product page. -- You get a very, very nice 24x18 screen print. This will be shipped in a poster tube in January 2019. We can't tell you what this will look like yet, but we can tell you we're going to try very hard to make sure it's awesome. Devinyl Split No. 7 - Craig Finn Devinyl Split No. 8 - Petal Devinyl Split No. 9 - Devinyl Split No. 10 - Devinyl Split No. 11 - Devinyl Split No. 12 -
  10. Damn, missed the Clear w/ Red + Blue splatter. If anyone has an extra or didn't like the record, PM me.
  11. If you have this, PM me. Thanks.