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  1. olopez6919

    PO: Shook Ones - Body Feel

    I won the record release variant /50 from the IG contest!!
  2. olopez6919

    SEATTLE VCers...Please Help!

    Check out Seapine Brewing
  3. If you have a copy or if you're open to trades, DM me.
  4. Wait so is there a difference between regular and deluxe?
  5. olopez6919

    Recommended 45 lp/ 7" case

    These are my favorite! They have resealable flaps and don't get cloudy over the years! They're perfect and seem to be on sale right now! https://www.bagsunlimited.com/product/3765/45-record-outer-sleeve-with-font-colorredreseal-flapfontbr7-14-x-7-14-15-mil-font-color4cc417polypropylenefont
  6. So Horus Brewing has a exclusive slip cover limited to /100. Only catch is you have to pick it up on one of 3 days. If any variant collectors are interested in me picking one up for them, PM me as I'll be in Oceanside / San Diego on one of those days. https://www.eventbrite.com/e/horus-x-the-story-so-far-proper-dose-imperial-stout-exclusive-vinyl-tickets-50337618171#tickets
  7. Along with the Silent Alarm reissue (https://thesoundofvinyl.com/*/*/Silent-Alarm/5Y300000000), it looks like they're going to press a live version of the record too. https://kontraband.store/blocparty/silent-alarm-live/silent-alarm-live-12-vinyl
  8. Not particularly. PM me and we can talk about it.
  9. Dm me if interested. Would trade for Blue Sky Noise reissue (Blue splatter)
  10. For those wondering, the version of "Stolen" on Dusk & Summer is the normal one that was released, and not the sped-up radio edit. It seems some stores got both this and A Mark. A Mission... in early. Grabbed both earlier today. Also, A Mark. A Mission... is actually a single LP and not a 2x LP, as advertised.
  11. Seems to be 3 different variants at this point: Black /? Indie Exclusive Clear /? Urban Outfitters White /1000