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  1. Looks like the Souls snuck out another LP version of Crucial Moments on May 9th.... Says Neon Green on the release.? I ordered mine! https://bouncingsouls.merchnow.com/products/v2/291513/the--crucial-moments-neon-green
  2. good to know... still no contact or info on shipping for me
  3. Ya I went to their show in philly @ PhilaMOCA. I have picked up a beach tag as well! I was able to pick up a Bronx I OG pressing the other day.. I have to update my signature.... still missing some Souls variants.. slowly picking up pieces where I can. Oh! Just got the Souls pin set in the mail the other day! On the look out for the elusive Marry/Bury coin.... I missed out and was on vacation when they released it.
  4. well thanks for responding to get me bumps... Apparently no takers that are going to Riot Fest... Everyone is probably already there... and the Rats are probably going on just about now...
  5. Ya i went to the Philly show and they were all out of the mens shirts... Only womens sizes were left..
  6. Ya the ones that are being silk screened by Dubs... there is different art than the ones from B9
  7. Hey!!! If anyone is going to Riot Fest this weekend and could pick me up a Beach Rats T-shirt? Looking for a Black shirt in a men's medium or large size. Thanks for the read! Let me know!!!
  8. Just got the shipping notification on the 24Hundred order.... It was changed to color vinyl... If I am ever in Australia... Booooyeee! It's on!!
  9. I send another Email when I saw the change... Awaiting response... I'm hoping the black is just sold out.. I don't need doubles of pressings.
  10. Looks like 24hundred changed their pictures to the colored versions.... I’m hoping the email that I received was accurate... https://24hundred.net/collections/vinyl-all
  11. oh please NO.....! No more... This came to about $138 USD with shipping to US. Which is just over $45 /LP... I can't take anymore...
  12. Sheeeit..... guess I'll start those divorce papers... Ordered mine...
  13. Yes I wonder the same thing, can someone clarify? I’m hoping error just because it may be grounds for a divorce considering how much I have been spending on record lately... especially with the Bronx...