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  1. What i meant was this is pages of off topic stuff about bands that , in my opinion, are popular but mediocre at best, that could probably be better had somewhere else. But I knew that would make someone butt hurt so erased it. Thank you for proving me right.
  2. There will be an edition of 100 with silk sceen covers and black and white vinyl on Shoxop in the future of HOF.
  3. Not really, there was a run a few years back, and we did bored shirts like 2 years ago or so. The closest you can get right now is the logo on the back of(most) new shirts, but those are sold out now also.
  4. I went with the Shure Sc35c, mostly because it was the best available locally. One thing i did notice was that the metal screws caused a ground loop hum when using the preamp. It was confusing at first to find the hum, but luckily the local hardware store had nylon screws, for a cheap fix.
  5. I just got one of these today, doesn't come with a cartridge? Anyone have any suggestions?
  6. Looking for a copy on Vinyl....please let me know!
  7. not limited, through MVD , both cd and vinyl http://mvdb2b.com/s/CowsCunningStunts/AMREP007LP http://mvdb2b.com/s/HaloOfFliesMusicForInsectMinds/AMREP002LP http://mvdb2b.com/s/DopeGunsFuckingInTheStreets19881998Volume111/AMREP115LP
  8. i wonder why? I was going to get that with the Blue Velvet reissue, but oh well.
  9. Bummed that the Suicidal title was not on the list.
  10. Mine is 45, label reads 45. Non BC version on black.
  11. Is the faith no more just a straight reissue of the Mordam release?
  12. I would consider trades for Melvins/Amrep/noise rock type stuff I do no have or other punk or metal rarities.
  13. I have a Silver Night Creeper friends and family edition of 50, never played, sold on rise above that I would be interested in trading or if you want to shoot me an offer go for it.
  14. My friend got his silver yesterday, shipping notice 2 days prior. I have still not received my silver though nor shipping info and we ordered within 2 minutes of each other. We are both in upstate NY.
  15. My point was simply if you are unfamiliar with the term "yr" do some reading....I am in no way a hipster and the people who know me on this board know that. You seem to just be a troll who uses the Internet spew some bullshit....I mean rhis is obviously a fake profile created to start shit. That has some hipster spray to it bro. It seems you got pretty heated over the term "yr" I was just pointing you in the right direction so you would seem a little smarter. ...but clearly you have been breathing in too much of yr own farts.

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