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  1. I wonder the edition size? also this is interesting : Please note, this is a preorder. Due to manufacturing delays, the vinyl and any items ordered with it may not ship until 6 to 8 weeks after the release. All customers will receive full download on release day. Seems like if you get this version your looking at mid July....wonder if that is the same with the Gold?
  2. They are completely awful. ...horrible communication. ..lies...been such a disheartening situation. ...they are more than two people. ..at least 6. I WILL NEVER BE ORDERING FROM THEM AGAIN...so sad
  3. Let me know if ya wanna get rid of that bitch witch
  4. i am in state, place an order Feb 4th, tracking goes nowhere ...the unresponsiveness is really upsetting
  5. Am i the only still having problems with Sacred Bones? 36 days after order, and tracking number that still says label created, and multiple unresponded to emails...time for a claim. IS this normal with them?
  6. The is a couple of versions around...shouldn't be impossible to find reasonable priced
  7. Messaged for the Raspberry Bulbs....let me know either way
  8. The Sweden 1st press blows the American version, out of the water.
  9. I am just starting to transfer some of my records to my pc. I don't have a USB turntable so I will get a adapter, but once that happens I will need some software. ..I see Audacity is pretty good and free. But what is the best for editing and saving as an mp3?
  10. have you tried to look at discogs? http://www.discogs.com/label/54312-Westwood-One?sort=year&sort_order=asc
  11. I like to spread my sunshine to the world.
  12. I read today that Bono may never play guitar again because of his bike accident. I would personally like to thank the bike, the hole and anything else that may have caused this talentless bunch of shit from gaining any more popularity. I just wonder what we need to do to have him stop sing/ preaching to the world. and the Josua tree is one of the most horribly over rated albums of all time, it really is a pile of shit.
  13. The sound quality is such dog shit. .it is so disappointing.

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