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  1. Can somebody comment on the sound quality for the MOV repress of "Imprint"? thanks
  2. When are we getting a new record?
  3. Has anybody received one yet? Got an email saying they were shipping 7-20. Just curious.
  4. mattycakes

    PO Now Bongripper Terminal

    If anybody could grab a tour copy for me I’d appreciate it. They’re not coming to my town, can pay in advance. Thanks
  5. mattycakes

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    I moved in December and they changed my address on a preorder with no issues.
  6. mattycakes

    The Official Fat Wreck Preorder Thread

    When I try and order it doesn't give me shipping option/pricing to choose?
  7. Had a pinwheel in my cart and gone when i finished check out.
  8. mattycakes

    PO: Converge - Beautiful Ruin EP

    DW already sent me a shipping notification....what service wow!
  9. mattycakes

    PO: Trappist - Ancient Brewing Tactics

    Love their podcast Hour of the Barbarian. Not sure I need this though.
  10. Thanks for the tip, I will email them.
  11. Was Priority the only shipping option from Sacred Bones for those who ordered?
  12. An expensive yet glorious day.
  13. If anybody has an extra or can pick me up a copy on thier tour with Gatecreeper please hit me up. Thanks
  14. They need to repress After the Eulogy.