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  1. I’d love a way to recover my VLV password. I’ve been locked out of that account for a couple years sadly.
  2. I'm going to Tokyo in October, going to be digging for some gems as well.
  3. Lukewarm on the single but interested to hear the record. Hoping another variant might pop up too.
  4. The newsletter states they have 3 albums in the works…
  5. Ahh I did see the sign for the El Corazón while going down the freeway and thought that's where the Graceland used to be. The Firehouse is a cool venue as well, glad it's still around.
  6. That was my fist time seeing them at the Showbox. I've seen them at Sit & Spin, Graceland and the Firehouse in Redmond. I don't know if those venues are still around or not. Friday was an amazing show. Looks like all 3 shows had the same setlist, neat!
  7. Finally got the deluxe. I wasn't able to add on my phone but got in thru the browser on my laptop. Good luck all!
  8. I keep telling myself those deluxe half & half splatters are hideous and I don't need it but it's not working.
  9. Put some deluxe up on Bandcamp since you can't handle any spike in traffic.
  10. I'm hoping the price tag for the deluxe might scare some people away and I can still get one.
  11. Relapse needs to get their shit together. This happens every big release it seems. Had the deluxe in my cart trying to check out. Oh well!

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