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  1. Might be in the pipeline. They mentioned more releases to come.
  2. Classic Bay Area hardcore record. I remember watching these guys play all the time when I was in high school. Blackout Records just repressed All Guns Poolside too.
  3. Do we think preorder up tonight at midnight? Haven’t ordered from Epitaph in ages.
  4. He also put up copies of that Ustalost record that's pretty awesome too.
  5. This keeps me up at night....and I'm really hoping for some decent variants. Solid colors would such a nice change of pace. Relapse is out of control!
  6. I echo what everybody is saying. Seems as if his Daughters bandmates knew this was coming recently going on *hiatus*? Also seeing as Kristen reached out to them and she was ignored. Disgusting!
  7. https://gileadmedia.bandcamp.com/album/wits-end?from=fanpub_fnb Mizmor "Wit's End" 1/14/2022. Vinyl won't go on sale until January.
  8. In for the cloudy splatter, new single is beautiful to my ears!
  9. Which one did you order? Waiting for my "seaglass" to ship anxiously!
  10. Happy release day. This album is great, really pleasantly surprised! Couldn't really ask for a better Quicksand record in 2021.
  11. Nobody can replace Caleb, but I think Nate Newton is a great fit. Really excited for the new record.
  12. I'll just grab whatever the retail copy is, not paying 12 bucks shipping after missing the cloud.