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  1. Available & shipping now at www.asbestosrecords.bigcartel.com
  2. Available & shipping now at www.asbestosrecords.bigcartel.com
  3. Available & shipping now at www.asbestosrecords.bigcartel.com
  4. Hey All! After Covid backed up tons of stuff we were working on, its all coming out this year! So we've decided to offer a discounted subscription club for the 20+ releases we currently have at the plants. www.asbestosrecords.bigcartel.com We haven't announced any of the releases yet (but the first 2 or 3 are getting delivered here tomorrow!) but if you're familiar with our past history of releases you'll have a good idea. Subscribers will get the rarest color available, and we're hoping to have an exclusive or two for the subs. Its primarily ska/punk/hardcore with a few indie rock-ish titles in for good measure Included are: a handful of new licenses reissues a repress or two of albums we've been hounded to get back in print a few things that haven't ever been on vinyl before a few projects that we can't even believe we're working with the artists involved. a couple records that the og copies are going for really stupid money keeping people who just want a listening copy from being able to get one. so check it out!
  5. dead rising from the grave... dogs and cats.. living together...
  6. we will have the rest of the red copies of Against Me! - New Wave available at Fest.
  7. its another pressing through us, we've been waiting forever to get them back in.. I believe theres a 2 new colors coming out.
  8. all 100 of the charity bundles have shipped off, east coast people have already been posting that they've got them.
  9. we should have the shirts in the next 2 days, and then we'll get them out to everyone.
  10. we inquired about changing the name, and were told the packaging had to remain exactly the same as it was originally presented. its probably more of an issue of how the copyrights / writing credits were set up initially moreso than anything.
  11. unfortunately we cant ship outside of the US/CAN with certain titles due to licensing restrictions.
  12. wwww.asbestosrecords.bigcartel.com Available on Black/Yellow Split vinyl or in a special benefit package with a tshirt on red vinyl. Profits from the package deal are going to www.translifeline.org !
  13. do you really need a greatest hits record for a band that had 3 albums?
  14. yeah you can just add the amount for the 2nd item to the initial pledge... they don't have a way to add two rewards at once yet
  15. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/asbestosrecords/the-3rd-wave-ska-preservation-society-vinyl-kickst we're launching our 3rd Ska vinyl reissue kickstarter this week! this go-around here's the 4 records! Suicide Machines - on the Eve of Destruction 2xlp High School Football Heroes - Close Only Counts in Horseshoes and Handgrenades Thumper - No on left the disco alive The Flaming Tsunamis - fear everything
  16. this guy has it all wrong. you don't buy records for an investment... you buy them so some other geek can't have it, and then you post pictures on the internet of it to mock them for not having it.
  17. ruby vroom is by far my favorite.... weird acid jazz and beat poetry.... the albums that followed are great as well.. but they're more in the quirky alt rock category of things.
  18. just saw them in new haven Saturday night, there was 700ish people there... so apparently A LOT of people still care.
  19. Our friend Jake Gregg, of the band Suncooked recently lost his fight with leukemia. I met him when he was admitted to the hospital, and my wife was his nurse... she overheard him talking about music, and she brought up the label and they realized we had a lot of mutual friends. If you're in the New England area you might have seen Suncooked opening for the Bosstones at Throwdown, or for the Dropkick Murphys. So in the last year I was helping Jake and his brother get things together to release his album on vinyl, which got sidetracked as his illness became worse. We've put together a little crowd funding operation to make it happen as a memorial for him. If you can throwdown a few bucks, or toss in for a record it would be greatly appreciated. thanks guys. https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/jake-gregg-of-suncooked-memorial-lp-project--2
  20. there was 500 copies of the Destruction bonus 7" that was available when the record was first issued, they went really fast. we still have some copies of the Battle Hymns bonus 7" which has guest vocals by Ice T
  21. wow.. this took forever.. I looked into these about 3 years ago and some other label was supposed to do them... it must have fallen through. Mike pretty much hates SC now.. his autobiography is great if you haven't read it.
  22. I order a lot of records from overseas.. honestly if it can come half way around the planet without being cracked in half, you're ahead of the game.

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