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  1. I liked the season overall and I don't think they could have topped the season 4 finale, so I didn't get my hopes to high for this season. DISLIKES-I wish they would have had more of the Trinity Killer story like they had in the trailers for the new season. I thought Jonah would have ID'd Dexter as Kyle Butler and then it would get intense after that, but not so much, I thought Quinn would have found out that Dexter kills people and repeat the Doakes Cycle, I thought Quinn was going to kill Liddy, not Dexter, bummed they didn't go more in depth with the cult killings. LIKES -I liked how they had Dexter express actual emotion. Rage w/the kill in the men's room, Sorrow at Rita's funeral, Compassion for Lumen and finally saying I Love You to somebody, Aster. We got a ballpark figure of victims (65, but it's more than that). Dexter and Deb share a similar look at killing, some people deserve to die. They got picked up for season 6, which I think is going to be the final season, and I think they may tie it all up and go out with a huge bang. I won't mention what happens in the books. It could also be the end of the show because Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter are getting divorced, but who knows. I did learn that Dexter probably shouldn't drive ever. He fell asleep at the wheel (crash), he hit a car and ripped dude's mirror off making him get arrested and flips a stolen car after colliding with a bulldozer.
  2. I would love to see this happen again, so many great times and memories. I was fortunate to live close enough to drive down to Louisville every year. Never missed a Krazy Fest.
  3. Prom Night was my favorite Leslie Nielson movie.
  4. that is awesome man, congrats! best of luck and get ready for a lot of sleepless nights, lol. -joe
  5. the pilot was awesome and the previews for upcoming episodes look amazing. the only bummer is that there are only 6 episodes for the season
  6. hahahaha. well done. +1 mouth to ass-to mouth-to ass-to mouth.
  7. damn right! that split would be awesome to see on vinyl. those jackets came out great patrick
  8. My gold Botch, Jough Dawn Baker, Nineironspitfire, Slowsidedown split 7" has 2 b-side labels. Apparently there are 25 copies in circulation that have this.
  9. after i saw the post i went to meijer and bought 2 bags, one for the freezer and the other to eat in one sitting with a big ass glass of ice cold milk. it gave me the "itis"
  10. i was about to post this too. there is no way this can be serious. was funny though

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