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  1. I liked the season overall and I don't think they could have topped the season 4 finale, so I didn't get my hopes to high for this season. DISLIKES-I wish they would have had more of the Trinity Killer story like they had in the trailers for the new season. I thought Jonah would have ID'd Dexter as Kyle Butler and then it would get intense after that, but not so much, I thought Quinn would have found out that Dexter kills people and repeat the Doakes Cycle, I thought Quinn was going to kill Liddy, not Dexter, bummed they didn't go more in depth with the cult killings. LIKES -I liked how they had Dexter express actual emotion. Rage w/the kill in the men's room, Sorrow at Rita's funeral, Compassion for Lumen and finally saying I Love You to somebody, Aster. We got a ballpark figure of victims (65, but it's more than that). Dexter and Deb share a similar look at killing, some people deserve to die. They got picked up for season 6, which I think is going to be the final season, and I think they may tie it all up and go out with a huge bang. I won't mention what happens in the books. It could also be the end of the show because Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter are getting divorced, but who knows. I did learn that Dexter probably shouldn't drive ever. He fell asleep at the wheel (crash), he hit a car and ripped dude's mirror off making him get arrested and flips a stolen car after colliding with a bulldozer.
  2. I would love to see this happen again, so many great times and memories. I was fortunate to live close enough to drive down to Louisville every year. Never missed a Krazy Fest.
  3. Prom Night was my favorite Leslie Nielson movie.
  4. that is awesome man, congrats! best of luck and get ready for a lot of sleepless nights, lol. -joe
  5. the pilot was awesome and the previews for upcoming episodes look amazing. the only bummer is that there are only 6 episodes for the season
  6. hahahaha. well done. +1 mouth to ass-to mouth-to ass-to mouth.
  7. damn right! that split would be awesome to see on vinyl. those jackets came out great patrick
  8. My gold Botch, Jough Dawn Baker, Nineironspitfire, Slowsidedown split 7" has 2 b-side labels. Apparently there are 25 copies in circulation that have this.
  9. after i saw the post i went to meijer and bought 2 bags, one for the freezer and the other to eat in one sitting with a big ass glass of ice cold milk. it gave me the "itis"
  10. i was about to post this too. there is no way this can be serious. was funny though
  11. i like putting them in the freezer and letting them get really cold then eating them. delicious.
  12. i like the way they are building this up. he has finally been caught in the act, i've been waiting for that to happen for a while now. i can't wait to see how this unfolds and i'm glad to see julie stiles is not a romantic interest. also waiting for peter weller (robocop) to come in, i guess he is a private investigator and quinn meeting up with trinity's kid/family and showing them the pic of dexter asking if this is kyle butler. stoked!!!
  13. Seriously, the worst stuff ever. zac, you gotta try the halloween mix, or whatever people call it where they're from.you take a bag of candy corn and a bag of salted peanuts and mix them in a bowl. i suggest planter's lightly salted peanuts and brach's candy corn. it's gotta be brach's candy corn, i tried it w/an off brand and it sucked. mixem up and grab a handful and eat them at the same time. just like a payday. you could just eat a payday though, but if you have a party it comes in handy
  14. you gotta link or a copy of this? sounds interesting.
  15. i like these way more than gatorade and powerade. powerade tastes like you opened up a pack of kool-aid and dumped it in a glass of tap water. the only flavor that is passable is the artic blast, i think that's the name, it has a cherry taste. gatorade is the same, but instead of a kool-aid pack it's a wyler's pack and that g-series they have is gross and ridiculous. i see guys drinking this in the locker room before we play hockey and they think this stuff is going to enhance their game. vitamin water has some good flavors. i really like the Revive (fruit punch)-Connect (black cherry-lime)-Formula 50 (grape)-XXX (pomegranate). vitamin water has a lot more taste than gatorade and powerade.

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