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  1. It was recently brought to my attention that the casket lottery discography page i set up for them has lost all the pressing info, credits and captions. all the pics are still intact, but i will have to go back through it and retype all the info again. i don't know how this happened, but it did, so i am sorry for the inconvenience. i will let you guys know when it is back up and complete.
  2. YUP! as would i. i managed to snag one of each color and the black 180gram. stoked!
  3. AWESOME FUCKIN' FLYER!!! The Gate reference is a nice touch and if anybody hasn't seen that movie you should watch it. total classic!!!!
  4. my bad pal, i guess it was erased while i was moving files around. here you go sir
  5. i'll check this out. is there a link?
  6. since the cover features a decomposing corpse, maybe a flesh-tone w/like an olive green and dark red/burgundy swirl or splat. the green would be the rot and the burgundy would be dried blood.
  7. I totally forgot about that record. i am pulling it out and listening to it right now. if by gruesome you mean AWESOME! love ya juan and thanks for the reminder.
  8. CONGRATS AND FUCKIN AWESOME!!! I will definitely be ordering these from you sir. thank you for repressing this!
  9. i used a bright flash. here is the pic i got with less flash
  10. i also thought it was going to be a purple matching the horse and i thought the yellow was either going to be a bright shade or a transparent yellow
  11. just some locals. Aurora (pop rock like The Stereo-Drums)-1999, Understand This Is A Dream Tour-2 shows-1st Show (April) Little Brother's In Columbus, Ohio-2nd Show (June) The Buzz Coffee House in Cincinnati, Ohio Depths (hardcore like The Hope Conspiracy-Guitar)-2000, Emotion Is Dead Tour-3 shows-1st Show (September) Grog Shop in Cleveland, Ohio-2nd Show (September) The Void in Cincinnati, Ohio-3rd Show (December) Alrosa Villa in Columbus, Ohio Depths-2002, post Music From Another Room and Pre-Love-1 Show-The Newport in Columbus, Ohio w/Noise Ratchet Depths-2003, Love Tour-2 shows-1st Show (May) Bogart's in Cincinnati w/Hopesfall and Copeland-Last show w/them (October) Bogart's in Cincinnati w/Further Seems Forever
  12. here you go. looks a little more gold and pink than yellow and purple. still awesome though 500 YELLOW 500 PURPLE
  13. it's definitely heavier than city of echoes. COE's was more accessible than the other records, after that came out i started seeing a more diverse audience. I definitely love the return to heaviness. If anybody is going the Scionfest in Columbus, Ohio this year let me know, maybe i can actually meet some of you in person. that would be nice. it's not as awesome as last year's, but i don't know you could ever top that though.Australasia is the shit! Drought is my favorite Pelican song
  14. you will like it pal. forensics is an amazing band and brent doesn't release a bad record anyway. if you need to kill, you can take me out.
  15. coming soon. i will try not to disappoint. and buy all of the Willow Tree Records stuff you can!!!

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