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  1. Tormund and my girlf should make a great couple, especially leading to the war on Winterfell! Also she is such a savage, straight up said Stannis confessed everything before she "killed" him to Davos and Fire Chick! (still waiting on proof!) 


    Dany is just over the top hahha the Khals' faces when they saw her hold on to those fire pits was priceless! 

  2. I definitely will be going with a plus next time. Also a loophole that has worked/did work for awhile was if you have a family plan you could use another person's upgrade, put the phone in their name for 24hrs, then swap out sim cards and give the person your upgrade and bam!. This way you always had unlimited data....it was a loophole in the contacts after AT&T nerfed their plans.

  3. I've had issues like this arise whenever I sell a record for over $100. I've flat out called the buyer out on BS and then reported him for fraud the same day. Not to sure how eBay would handle it on his end, but I just prefer being the first person to contact eBay over a scam like this......even flip phones have a video function :P


    Half the time the people on eBay have the same username as their IG or FB and you can find them doing hashtags #NowSpinning or #OMGIFinallyBoughtA150DollarFrisbee

  4. Legit best looking vc'er


    Next to you baby :D


    Hit the gym at 615am this morning, trucking through this 11 hr work day. Forcing a hard reset on my sleep schedule to get me prepped for time change and the next two days on the road :D


    Probably going to start back up my fat burner stack in the next month or so to get back below <8% bf


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