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  1. For our incredibly fucked healthcare system, the US vaccination rollout is running the way it is because we "pre-ordered" and hoarded a bunch of viles in advance (before most other industrialized nations) and we're making it available to everyone we can ASAP so we could return to "business as usual." I mean its great but its main objective is to stem our economy from hemorrhaging the way it has for an extended period of time. It's a real mixed bag overall, but good for us I guess? Other countries like Canada and the EU has given way more money to its citizens while they "figure it
  2. Nice. The other 3 pressings I had sounded flat so I’m excited for this.
  3. Most people I know who got the Moderna shot had their arm hurt like hell for the first one, and had some fever/chills with the second shot. A lot of people I know took the day off after their second dose.
  4. It's on their Bandcamp too for people who are into that sort of thing. https://minusthebear.bandcamp.com/album/planet-of-ice
  5. Just get me Life In General. I learned most of those songs on guitar in high school.
  6. P+P has been doing the same shit since 2009. Except then they actually did do cool packaging but it was always 5 months late along with other things. Glad bands have been pulling their catalogs from them.
  7. Just wanted to take a minute to appreciate an old school like VC thread where its not just about a PO, (specific) repress, or some newjack asking why some horrible record hasn't been pressed/repressed.
  8. Bandcamp Friday https://lungfish.bandcamp.com/album/love-is-love
  9. Grabbed Mute Half splatter, Ruiner Tri-color, and Career Suicide smoke variant. A little bit of everything.
  10. Real story here is this was a missed opportunity to remix/remaster Sixteen. Great record, sounds like ass. Rev got my money anyway.
  11. I still cry that this was pressed. I thought there was zero chance I'd ever own a copy on vinyl. This album turns 20 this year. 20(!!)
  12. One of my favorite EPs of last year was pressed. On either yellow or black vinyl. No pressing info. https://deathwishinc.com/collections/rough-francis/products/rough-francis-urgent-care Rough Francis is a Vermont punk band founded by three brothers; Bobby, Julian and Urian Hackney. They started out as a tribute band to their father and uncle’s Proto-Punk band DEATH before anyone heard their music. Rough Francis was the nick-name of their uncle David who was the songwriter and visionary for the band DEATH. The Hackney family story quickly made its way in the spotlight an

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