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  1. It even crazier that Nuclear Blast versions have been in retail stores for months.
  2. Word is band had merch money taken from them at the Brooklyn show. No official statement, but I heard it secondhand. That's a bummer if true. I bought a T-shirt from them.
  3. Off the top of my head the setlist was largely the same, but some songs were arranged differently than the Chicago list. Would've been nice to hear Your Pearly Whites. Someone shouted it out and the opening notes were played but that was it. They were so good and I know they have crazy energy, but is it normal for Steve's stage banter to be drunk/indecipherable? Regardless, the wife and I were in the front and took a bunch of video. There was only one crowd surfer the whole night...and it was Steve. Haha.
  4. I'll try my best to take notes but I'm actually pretty horrible at this type of stuff and funny enough rely on Setlist FM later even at shows that I attend. Haha. I'm going with a good friend maybe he might help out!
  5. Nah its pretty easy I've used it before. Just use Google. I'm not sure how much you travelled internationally but its not very difficult with Google sans construction notices, then you need to use a translate feature. Its not nearly as big of a system as NY or Chicago, and I'd bet most of what you want to see is Downtown anyway. Most Metro stops are there and its pretty walkable at points too especially Old Montreal. Whats also cool is the subway has rubber tires so its not as loud as other Metros and definitely has more European feel.
  6. Aux 33 Tours is definitely your best bet. You'll spend a bunch of time there alone. Was up for Pouzza and spent well over an hour there. As for non record store recs, definitely stop by Dirty Dogs. Montreal is my favorite city in North America outside of where I live (NYC) and Dirty Dogs is a pilgrimage for me and my wife.
  7. I mean Mute Print came out almost 20 years ago. This album is a nice progression of a band that's aging. Not my favorite, but solid.
  8. Only labels that use downloads should just use Bandcamp. The streaming app is so worth it and they made upgrades to include streaming queues and playlists. Plus you could still download.
  9. This record is incredible. Best since Caution without question. Really needed this in my life right now.
  10. Brooklyn Vegan link https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/products/silent-majority-life-of-a-spector-limited-edition-white-banana-swirl-lp-only-300-made
  11. I listen to this album every summer. Still holds up. All-time great LP.
  12. Can't get enough of this band. Can't wait for LP2 and to see them live at some point. Truly underrated treasure.
  13. Mondaze - Late Bloom (Italian Shoegaze) bandcamp.com/yum d6j4-uxsu
  14. Old Flings / Break Ups Split EP bandcamp.com/yum dcyn-kehp
  15. Shit missed the Dead Tracks if it was up as well. I'll trade with anyone if they have extra.

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