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  1. Funny you posted this, because I got an e-mail with an update on the "Raid the Archive Mystery box" that ordered last year and apparently never came in. Chris said the releases are almost done, but holy hell its been so long I forgot I even ordered it.
  2. I've been fully vaxxed since Feb 2021. Been going to shows again occasionally, and I didn't go to my first one until August when I was in LA. NYC has an indoor vaccine mandate (which could be circumvented with a fake card but yeah still there) but I wear a mask, don't drink or eat inside at a show, and stand in a corner like I usually do. So that part of life is getting back to normal for me but work (NYC teacher) is wild with the vaccine mandate for city workers and no subs. People here like me are burnt to shit. NYC about to get wild in the news for a bunch of reasons soon and it's not all that great. Otherwise yeah so how about 2021. Still feels like the upside down.
  3. I think it was December at the earliest barring no future setbacks. So probably early 2022.
  4. Don't know why I missed out on a punk note edition of the S/T. Anyone have an extra for sale or trade hit me up.
  5. Hoping they come to NYC eventually. They toured here in '07 or '08 and said I'll catch them next time, Yeah that worked out well...
  6. For those that missed it. https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/shop/product/19717/how-i-spent-my-summer-vacation-splatter-vinyl
  7. Yeah man. This album got me through some real tough times in 2016. I didn’t even listen to them before then, but I needed this album at the time as well. All the best for you man.
  8. This happens regularly. Someone posts a survey about vinyl and then disappears. (HomerSimpsondissappearsintobushes.gif)
  9. Some friends of mine are putting out a new LP for pre-order. I was impatient but it'd be cool if you threw a few bucks their way. https://neckscars.bandcamp.com/album/dont-panic
  10. 13 songs is the CD version of the 7 Songs LP and Margin Walker LP. Both EPs.
  11. Also the first "shows" happening back in NYC are shows with bands like Madball. Not hard to figure out why.
  12. Not a Madball fan since the people I grew up around that are really into them I don't care about anymore. Not surprised at a few things. - Not surprised that a lot of people went since people here are starving for shows. We're really spoiled in NYC with shows, and people have had a hard time living without shows. - Not surprised at the lack of masks. It's been politicized and its no different here. - Not surprised that people treated it like a normal show and didn't social distance. The shows that most of people are used to on this board aren't conducive to social distancing. - Not surprised at the cop worship and a dude that showed up with a "Black Flag Matters" shirt. A bunch of hardcore dudes I know are relatively right wing for various reasons, and the situation here in NYC has hardened some right wing tendencies. My opinion of policing and city politics aside, this take is objective. So I'm disappointed, but not surprised.
  13. For our incredibly fucked healthcare system, the US vaccination rollout is running the way it is because we "pre-ordered" and hoarded a bunch of viles in advance (before most other industrialized nations) and we're making it available to everyone we can ASAP so we could return to "business as usual." I mean its great but its main objective is to stem our economy from hemorrhaging the way it has for an extended period of time. It's a real mixed bag overall, but good for us I guess? Other countries like Canada and the EU has given way more money to its citizens while they "figure it out" while we said here's 1 month's rent make it last a year.

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