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  1. xhotandfatx

    Recent purchases

    I’m the same way. Congrats again on your solid purchases.
  2. xhotandfatx

    Recent purchases

    Hell yeah. I just started collecting jazz within the last year. I have 20 or so now. I got 17 records from my trade ins this weekend, which about half were jazz. I’ve thought that without having listened to heavier music for some time that I wouldn’t be able to handle jazz.
  3. xhotandfatx

    Recent purchases

    Those are so rad. I’m quite jealous. He’s the one that got me into jazz. I inherited a family members record collection so I did some trading this weekend on got a bunch of good stuff. The Andrew Hill was the most expensive but I got reissues of Coltrane’s Ole, Mingus’s Ah Um, and Go! by Dexter Gordon.
  4. xhotandfatx

    Recent purchases

    That is quite the haul. Especially that Shape Of Jazz To Come and The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady. I picked up a 1st press mono of Sidewinder when I was down in Savannah, Ga a few months ago. I was happy as hell since it’s one of my favorite jazz records. I picked up Andrew Hill’s Point Of Departure on Music Matters yesterday. My brother owns a record store so he gets a lot of really awesome jazz in.
  5. xhotandfatx

    Recent purchases

    What’d you acquire? I’ve been buying a fair amount of Blue Note jazz lately.
  6. Grabbed all 3 variants. Any word on any others yet?
  7. xhotandfatx

    Here's what I need

    Hey guys I'm in need of some help to get closer to completion on my Touche Amore collection. The two pieces listed below would be the biggest help. Thanks in advance demo Black Metal cassette RSD La Dispute split Those are the last major pieces I need except for the Stage Four euro/U.K. Tour presses and some tests.
  8. xhotandfatx

    Post Your Record Storage Area

    I completely understand that sentiment. Sometimes I think about selling off all but one but then I think how hard it was to get some of them so I keep them. I've got around 126 pieces in my Touché collection currently and I think it's awesome. The one thing I like about collecting bands like them and Defeater is that it's not like collecting a No Idea band where you have so many presses that are essentially the same purple/grey/putty coloring. My favorite band to collect recently has been Spirits since they do a kickass job when it comes to the love that goes into the presentation of each release.
  9. I need one as well. Anyone willing to sell me one?
  10. xhotandfatx

    Post Your Record Storage Area

    I agree that I could have bought 18 different records than having 18 To The Beat Of A Dead Horse lp's but they look so awesome together. I still collect certain bands but I also buy a ton of other records outside of those collections. I think I started really getting into variant collecting once I saw the Against Me! collections.
  11. xhotandfatx

    Post Your Record Storage Area

    Why are people so bothered by variant collectors? I am one and I think it's awesome and fun to pick up each piece especially if there is a cool story to tell about it. Your collection and set up look rad. Nice job.
  12. Damn. That looks so good. I need one too.
  13. I thinK they were less secretive last time. I thought theY sent out individual emails and a PayPal to send the money to. I could be mistaken though.
  14. Grabbed one. That was easy. Can't wait to sit it next to the others.