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  1. I was at that Swans show too, love her weird unobtrusive quiet sets
  2. Just so you guys know, the band is selling the clear variant on tour with them for 15 bucks. Online orders are totally getting reamed with pricing
  3. I'm hoping they have the clear variant with them when I see them in Portland next week
  4. I'm guessing since the band has received their copies that it's only a matter of time before this goes up on their distributor.
  5. Sounds like it's essentially a Musk Ox 7" with Agalloch's name attached. Guy has a new album out called Woodfall that is pretty great on his bandcamp.
  6. Both white Hex and red Bees back up on SL store. http://www.southernlord.com/releases/view/hex-or-printing-in-the-infernal-method http://www.southernlord.com/releases/view/the-bees-made-honey-in-the-lion-s-skull
  7. Thanks for the rec on that Pausal record. Really great stuff. Ended up buying the LP after listening on the bandcamp page.
  8. any sign of the remaster on FLAC somewhere? All I see is the iTunes link on their facebook page
  9. has anyone seen the songs: ohia singles box available anywhere online?
  10. I would love to get my hands on the Songs: Ohia singles box if anyone knows where I could do so
  11. Cart says the deluxe are now sold out. Oh well. I kinda feel like it would have been a hassle to store and listen to anyway. I'll pick up the regular vinyl when it hits the US.
  12. I was worried abt that surface noise business with the haze variant. Hope my copy isn't too bad
  13. just curious, is anyone else's splatter copy pretty bad as far as surface noise goes? it's not noticeable during most of the album just because of the sheer volume but the interludes have a lot of crackle
  14. got a shipping notification from amoeba today! so stoked to get this
  15. Just grabbed about 100 bucks worth of awesome shit. Gonna miss this site
  16. In for a color copy! Sorely tempted by the CD book... Hard to justify dropping so much cash on it though.
  17. ordered the fuck outta this. love everything dan does.
  18. Fuck, I want this but I cannot afford 150 dollars right now. Probably gonna miss out. Wish they had released it in the fall!
  19. Loser edition came in here, gorgeous packaging. It's just a single jacket but like everyone said, it contains 2 printed inner sleeves than ALSO contain 2 more printed inner sleeves (Yo dawg herd u liek sleeves). Super thick cardboard stock all around. Cover is even glow-in-the-dark like some mentioned before. Records sound phenomenal. This is a must-have record IMO.
  20. How does the glow version sound? I've read that glow-in-the-dark pressings are generally more noisy due to the grit used.
  21. Oh god, 45 RPM. This is my in mailbox and I am SO fucking stoked to spin it.
  22. I got my preorder last week, Wed or Thurs if I recall correctly. Sweet glow-in-the-dark gatefold cover. Did anyone else get theirs yet? Is it just me or does the C/D feel like it's pressed heavier than the A/B? I think he means that the COVER is glow in the dark, not the records themselves.
  23. Mine was 4.73. Completely and utterly reasonable.

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