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  1. .....and pre-orders are up https://www.dinealonestore.com/collections/pre-orders/products/alexisonfire-season-of-the-flood-10in https://alexisonfire.store-08.com/featured/aof050046-alexisonfire-season-of-the-flood-10-inch-vinyl/
  2. not sure mate, but if you like familiar drugs this song shits on it in my opinion
  3. I see haha thanks for clearing it up, seen a few variant collectors with 3 different 7s and wonder what the go was
  4. Any word on the clear pressing I've seen getting around on instagram?
  5. Got both pressings of the Alchemy Index that I would like to move on, both are sealed and UN-played, im in Australia but happy to ship worldwide and can work out a good deal for one or both
  6. Hey guys, keen to clear these out as i no longer collect these days, lots of hard to get things here, and yes i do have alchemy index but it isnt listed as when i typed the list out i wasn't sure if i wanted to keep it for nostalgia https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hqsrwGwF8ekfSUSsqVc98YPjjal52cBC1Pt690lZyuc/edit happy to ship internationally at your expense but can always work out a deal on what sells and so forth cheers
  7. i have a ton of stuff, australia based though
  8. Album has leaked, sounding good so far! cant wait for the vinyl though