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  1. https://www.juno.co.uk/products/green-day-woodstock-1994-record-store-day/724789-01/ Green Day
  2. Item ships from Singapore. https://www.vinylrecords.sg/product-tag/rsd-2019/
  3. Thanks so much for your effort and help. I got all the records that I want for this RSD. Cheers from Singapore. @thischarmingham
  4. Anyone else got refunded? I ordered the white vinyl and did not cancel the order. Got an email from Paypal that I got refunded. Bummer..
  5. http://www.slumberlandrecords.com/catalog/show/319
  6. Limited to 1000 https://sideonedummy.com/product/smoking-popes-destination-failure-lp/603
  7. The first 250 orders will receive an exclusive bonus cassette, titled Practice '97. This vinyl-only reissue features a gatefold jacket with two pieces of beautiful colored vinyl: one featuring the original record, as it was intended, and the other an eight-song collection of demos from 1997, never before released. The demo LP includes sketches of songs that became fan favorites, like “Bjork ELO Xanadu and the Birth of Chartsengrafs” (which would make its debut on the band's groundbreaking follow-up, the Sophtware Slump) and the fan-favorite “For The Dishwasher.” The deluxe package is complete with a booklet of personal band photographs, flyers from the era, and liner notes by Gruff Rhys of Super Furry Animals. LP 1: Under the Western Freeway 01A Nonphenomenal Lineage 02A A.M. 180 03A Collective Dreamwish of Upperclass Elegance 04A Summer Here Kids 05A Laughing Stock 06A Under the Western Freeway 07B Everything Beautiful Is Far Away 08B Poisoned at Hartsy Thai Food 09B Go Progress Chrome 10B Why Took Your Advice 11B Lawn & So On LP 2: Unreleased 1997 demos 01A Hawaiian Island Wranglers 02A For the Dishwasher (Slow Demo) 03A Dying Brains (Early Demo) 04A Summer Here Kids (Early Demo) 05B Le symphonique d’HeeHaw 06B Street Bunny (Fluffy Distortion Demo) 07B Bjork ELO Xanadu and The Birth of Chartsengrafs 08B Laughing Stock (Revelation Demo) /// Grandaddy: Practice '97 Limited, exclusive cassette features eight unreleased recordings from a 1997 Grandaddy band practice. The only thing missing is the beer. Limited to the first 250 orders. SIDE A: 1. I'm Not Alright 2. Summer Here Kids 3. Taster 4. I'm In Love With No One SIDE B: 1. Everything Beautiful is Far Away 2. Street Bunny 3. Lawn & So On 4. Levitz https://store.friendshipfever.com/products/grandaddy-under-the-western-freeway-20th-anniversary-reissue