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  1. I got this one too! It's awesome!
  2. I strongly recommend Anthony Bourdain - Les Halles cookbook. techniques and strategies in classic bistro cooking. He explains there's no wrong way or right way to do as long as you're having a beer or margarita and having a good time whilst cooking. He's a legend! He loves his Deadboys, Ramones, Dickies, Stooges... An old school punk rocker from NYC!
  3. My omen record arrived in the uk today. Black variant. Shame I'm 2000 miles away. My mate said the packaging is really fucking sick. Going to have to wait 4 months before I can play it. I hope the rest of you get yours soon.
  4. Vincent gallos ost for brown bunny finally gets an official release. Woo hoo! http://www.vinyldestination.com.au/the-brown-bunny-ost.html
  5. Andi - your request has been fulfilled! http://www.vinyldestination.com.au/the-brown-bunny-ost.html Hoping for some shops/distros to get these in.... Though not a bad price direct from label in Australia considering.
  6. I read somewhere that First Aid Kit recorded vocals for the album. You can hear them on this new track.
  7. New Oberst solo record (and US tour) coming in May on Nonsuch Records. Here's a new track called Hundred Ways. Enjoy! http://www.nonesuch.com/journal/nonesuch-release-conor-oberst-upside-down-mountain-may-20-tour-special-guest-dawes-2014-02-11
  8. For those in the uk. Xtra mile have 50 copies of both colours. http://www.xtramilerecordings.com/MusicDetails.aspx?rid=406&fid=12&brid=5
  9. Says "out of stock" at krm Europe store. Either sold out already or they're waiting on copies. http://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/frank%2Dturner/
  10. Dude! The coloured version of Poets is also up at Fat web store. Just a heads up!
  11. Hey, have you been to Volcanic Tongue? Not so much punk, but full of very strange delights. Would love to go there, but mail order will have to suffice for now!