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  1. This set is fucking beautiful. Chipboard sleeves are gorgeous. The box has an awesome texture and and layout. Vinyl color matches perfectly with the moon theme. And it sounds impeccable. I have OGs besides the 7”s and this sounds so perfect. Quiet and dynamic. One of the best sets I own and on par with the codeine numero group box. Also got a kick out of how the Up records logo was reappropriated with the NG for numero group.
  2. Lol. And with that I bow out, cuz wow. Doesn’t seem right arguing with someone with such a diminished capacity. Take care brother!
  3. Two things are possible. 1. Failure got fucked by Pledge Music and therefore aren’t at fault for unfulfilled orders. They didn’t choose Pledge Music knowing this would happen. 2. Failure charges absurd prices that only complete idiots would pay for their vinyl.
  4. Apparently @Die Laughingdoesn’t understand that. Dude seems kinda slow.
  5. Looks like I understand what is going on better than you. Failure doesn’t own Pledge Music. Pledge Music is who can’t fulfill the orders. Failure isn’t the only band who got fucked in this situation. But keep being an uninformed asshole.
  6. Huh? How were you ripped off then? I thought you were complaining about the price of the new album. Which is absurd but in line with the records I mentioned which were also incredibly overpriced.
  7. How did you just come to this conclusion if you already paid the stupid ass prices for FP clear and Live?
  8. i feel this. i did dip in though cuz the song (which i have now linked in the original post) is fucking great and like you said, the shirt is cool. plus this is selling fast. current count of what is left: small - 6 medium - 5 large - 4 xl - 5 xxl - 7
  9. https://www.daisrecords.com/products/vr-sex-human-traffic-jam shit is damn good. 4 song tape already released. this is the link for the full length coming in May.
  10. hmm, i have a shipment from Chicago on MYUSPS account that i was not expecting. wonder if that is the box set. sadly it says it wont be here for a week.
  11. lol, not counting the interludes. it cannot be denied that song wise the first 4 reggie albums are killer beginning to end. LCST has a majority of songs that suuuuuuuck. but i know you were just fucking around.
  12. yeah, LCST has a couple bangers, but has mostly filler. SNTGMT is a fucking burner. just about every song is great. the final perfect reggie album.
  13. when are they gonna press songs to not get married to? the last really good reggie album.
  14. US store shows out of stock for the bundle and the standalone. wack sauce. that bundle would be reasonably worth it if the US store had it in stock.
  15. that being said, this is a really nice collection. Ride, Grouper, New Order, Low, and Concrete Blonde covers are all terrific and Pattern After Us is one of the best Nothing songs ever written. kinda a bummer it is relegated to a b-side.
  16. wow, that JN facebook post is embarrassing. total jilted ex-lover vibes. i sooooo hope they can listen to the record without negative connotations some day ::eyeroll::
  17. you can, but it is on 14 separate 3" vinyl records that can only be played on the sold separately mini player.