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  1. i didnt realize it was fully up on bandcamp already. spotify and apple music had the release date as this friday. so i missed whatever lathe youre talking about. what was it?
  2. PDM came out in April, but understandable that it feels long ago, since this year has been a never-ending hellscape. im stoked for their new ep that comes out friday as well!
  3. thanks for the reminder about this. just ordered it for $28ppd! https://www.rarewaves.com/products/3770011636273-lp-idaho-levitate-lp?_pos=4&_sid=5c764010b&_ss=r
  4. yeah, kestrels wouldn't sniff my top ones yet, but ill wait for the full album to make a determination. otherwise, just off the top of my head, these releases blow bedroom outta the water. but you're right, different strokes. Hum - Inlet Topographies - Not My Loneliness, but Ours Deserta - Black Aura My Sun Peel Dream Magazine - Agitprop Alterna Slow Crush - Reel
  5. really? listened to this a couple times and it is pretty ok. i can definitely list multiple shoegaze releases this year already that are significantly better.
  6. i wouldn't assume you are safe. from what i have read, you are still at risk of contracting Covid even if you ordered from bullmoose right away.
  7. new song isn't hitting me as hard as their previous work, but im in for the /100 because this band has yet to let me down. thinking the single will grow on me and excited to hear the rest.
  8. just got shipping notice on this. best of luck on that 1/300!
  9. interesting. well if he does an art print version i will have no choice but to double dip to go along with my electra 2000, ypaa and dih , god dammit lol
  10. really? where did you hear that? i figured he was done distributing his own records after how discouraged he seemed about it last time.
  11. the initial press is Matt's press. polyvinyl is just distributing his record due to the clusterfuck of the DiH repress he tried to do on his own.
  12. Lol, i mean, you have been wrong 2.5 times and I was just trying to help. No hard feelings. You still have great taste in music.
  13. seems like a semantic stretch to say pulled, but if that is how you meant it and you have now explained how you are using the term "pull" in this instance, then i understand what you meant.
  14. you can't "pull" a download from soulseek, as its a direct p2p service.
  15. translucent purple press of Downward? that album has only ever been released on clear blue and black by Martians Go Home! originally, and then 180 black and 180 clear blue when Matt repressed it in 2018/2019.
  16. this isnt on polyvinyl. it is just being distributed by them. probably because of how much of a shit show hassle doing the DIH repress was for him.
  17. it is released by Talbott's label and i can guarantee there will be no variants. 180 gram black vinyl will be all this is ever released on.
  18. EP was sooo good. this new song is awesome, but i hope they kept some slowcore elements.
  19. snoozers gonna feel like losers when they finally check this thread out.