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  1. grabbed FoW, MCR and Elliott Smith from bullmoose just now for cheaper than anywhere else i saw the same stuff. pretty stoked i didnt stress anything this year, and got what i wanted.
  2. there is interesting artist wackadoo and there is going on alex jones and talking about lizard people wackadoo. hopefully people can understand the difference.
  3. i said "bootleg" not bootleg, because as i have now mentioned multiple times, it does not look like a bootleg. interesting how you can use hyperbole, yet not understand it when it is used by someone else. you are dumb.
  4. 1. This doesn’t appear to be a bootleg, as it says Virgin for the label. 2. If it is a bootleg, so long as the bootleggers aren’t using their platform (which is nowhere near the same platform Corgan has) to go on Alex Jones’ podcast, I feel better giving them money. 3. Learn to not only read, but comprehend.
  5. to be fair, it says virgin on the listings, so do we have another mars volta situation, where it is a completely legal repress and homeboy just signed a bad contract? perhaps. also, lemme make it more clear: THIS FUCKHEAD BLEW HIS WAD ON A FAILED WRESTLING LEAGUE VENTURE AND GOES ON ALEX JONES' PODCAST SPEWING BULLSHIT. IF I DON'T HAVE TO GIVE HIM MY MONEY, I AM HAPPY TO CIRCUMVENT THAT.
  6. is it hard to understand that music Corgan made before becoming a wackadoo is still important to me and i would like to have it on vinyl?
  7. i have no problem taking money out of Corgan's hands, so if this "bootleg" sounds and looks good, i will buy it. Corgan is such a fucking dork.
  8. best part is when he says the earth being a spinning ball in space is absurd, so they ask him how he knows the earth is flat and he says there are smarter people than him working on that. NO SHIT DUMBASS. THEY ARE CALLED SCIENTISTS, AND THEY ALREADY PROVED THE EARTH IS ROUND AND SPACE IS REAL.
  9. Got my HHV order today and I got #420. Any stoner wanna pay an absurd amount to get this one?
  10. listened once so far, and it is very ok. not bad, not great. doubt i will listen to it much when there are 3 great albums of theirs to listen to.
  11. got shipping notification from plaid room for this today!
  12. The fuck they doing this, which has already been pressed, and not occult radiance which never has. Would love to complete the full length trifecta.
  13. the ultimate HOBBY trade. anyone willing to do this collects vinyl purely for aesthetics, as the Plain pressing is one of the worst sounding records ever pressed and the Kevin Shields AAA pressing is legitimately one of the best. you should just sell this on discogs and use that money to buy the other.
  14. had not heard of Heavenward prior to this thread, but that shit is where it's at. sounds like the Teenage Wrist i got super into, and not this new version that made that lame ass Earth is a Black Hole single.
  15. missed the boat originally and have become obsessed with this album. thanks for posting the restock! ordered without hesitation (even with an almost $8 shipping price).
  16. got that butterfly. $42 is a lot, but charge it to THE HOBBY.

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