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  1. so nothing special via the band? guess ill go with bullmoose as it appears this was only pressed on orange.
  2. ordered that sea blue last night because i joined that face to face(book) group a couple months ago when word was going around that this was getting pressed. so very excited. literally the only face to face album i still listen to. wish they always wrote songs like these.
  3. my clear copy sounds perfect. my favorite PTL release and stoked to finally have it on vinyl.
  4. morphine sucks sooooooo bad. top tier try-hard music for try-hard fans.
  5. good lord, Ian is just making himself look even more foolish with each post. the new excuse is straight up Rick James stomping on a brand new couch. "i wasn't actively looking to have my wife murdered. i paid an undercover officer money when i thought he was a hit man. fuck yo, life! steroids are a hell of a drug."
  6. imagine the kind of douche you have to be to come onto this forum and claim people "don't know the whole story" and how hard it is "to bite your tongue" about the facts of the case, and then give absolutely no new information. you want so badly to involve yourself in this, and it is truly pathetic. shoulda kept your mouth shut unless you had something valid to say, as opposed to your sad attempt at relevance in this situation.
  7. Creepers album was an underrated gem. This first single is boring as shit. Pretty bummed on the direction. Hope the rest is better.
  8. first dude i have met who is stoked on getting ED. different strokes (or lack thereof).
  9. weird, cuz Sargent House has been posting a bunch of Diiv stuff recently.
  10. what has he done to show he has been rehabilitated? if he has done more than go to jail and serve his time, by all means, i am willing to re-evaluate my stance. but as far as i know the only things he has done since hiring someone to kill his wife is go to jail and then get released from jail once he served his time. that to me is not enough, and probably isn't enough for most people with a soul.
  11. hiring someone to kill your wife is definitely a "mess up". a real oopsie daisy. a goof.
  12. $47ppd is a lotta clams for this thing. i want, but i do want it $47ppd bad? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  13. really embracing the industrial on this single, and i can really dig it. song is a grower too. catchiness peaks after only a few listens. sounds like NIN and Depeche Mode at their grimiest.
  14. LOL at knowing ~36 people IRL who care about underoath. i would have to reevaluate my relationships if that ever happened.
  15. wonder if there will be a limited version of KiT sold on the band's site. already got the first press color copies of Goldfly and Lost and Gone Forever, so may as well keep that going.
  16. i guess Yip himself is part of the everyone i spoke about. well played.
  17. that actually works for me. Ben Greenberg kills with the raw recording style. i did think the vocals sounded different from the last album, so this kinda makes sense. polished vocals and drums with raw guitars. single has been catching on with me, so im excited.
  18. so i just saw today that this album has been Yip'd. how does everyone feel about that?
  19. honestly. i didn't really mind grabbing a t-shirt with the vr sex or drab majesty preorders with dais, because i actually wear shirts of bands i dig. but a fucking rubik's cube? shit, make a god damn weed grinder or lighter or something with an actual use and i will prolly bite the bullet.