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  1. That review was interesting, though he focused a lot on the title of the album. Maybe I'm getting this wrong, but I see the title as an attempt to clown one of her ex-boyfriends. Some of the lyrics do make me cringe, and it is getting tiresome hearing the same theme about a dude who did her wrong. I know themes in anyone's songs get repetitive, but sometimes I wonder if maybe it is her. At any rate, when will the album about Kelce be out? Can't wait to hear all of the football references.
  2. Do not buy from 8merch.com. I ordered a shirt and a record from them a couple weeks ago. Finally wrote them and they're telling me they don't have the shirt, but it is "being shipped to them from the EU". Bullshit. They don't even have the record. All of these were on their site for sale.
  3. Nice. Have not heard anything about my signed poster shipping.
  4. Wow. You are close to me. Will you be getting a lot of PJ and the Forbidden records? Those are the two I really want.
  5. I missed out on the first drop. I would just randomly refresh whenever I remembered. I got lucky and refreshed two times in a row. The second time it was magically available. I came here and posted right after I checked out. Sorry you didn't get one. Maybe she will do the other variants. I'd rather have a Black Dog signed.
  6. I'm betting that I will get my signed copy that I ordered a week or so ago, sooner than my copy of the new Pearl Jam album that I ordered months ago. TTPD should be here by Tuesday.
  7. I canceled my black dog, too. Fact is that we don't even know WTF this will be. If it's like Lana's poetry record, I don't need a copy of that shit on vinyl. Like you said before, this nonsense is souring me about buying her records. My wife doesn't like her, so I might as well just stream it at this point. Still not into Midnights.
  8. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, all variants and CDs are back in stock... This helped me decide to just cancel all of my orders except Black Dog version. I might even cancel that one, too. Spotify works.
  9. What day is this going up? Will this be in the Graveface store?

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