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  1. Finally got a chance to listen to the new track and actually went ahead and bought the album. Decided I like B1 more than the Decibel variant. I agree that this is going to be a good record.
  2. New Vastum Decibel variant is up. /100 https://store.decibelmagazine.com/products/vastum-inward-to-gethsemane
  3. Yep. The album just hasn't thrilled me all that much. A $20 ten inch is an easy money saver.
  4. Honestly, just the usual. People buying up tons of shit to resell. People going crazy for a PJ basketball and duffel bag. People spending all day lined up just to buy shit. People complaining that they couldn't buy shit. I have been a collector of things ever since I saw the presale for the very first Star Wars figures way back before indoor plumbing existed. Got into records, toys, comics, cards, tiki mugs, aloha shirts, etc. The only thing I really collect now are records. It seems like everything is "limited edition" these days, and many times they really aren't all that limited. I'm just realizing that all this collecting of things can be a little sickening. I'm not saying that I will not still buy records. I will, but I'm also being a lot more selective, and I have about half my collection in boxes for sale, now. At least I listen to records. Anyway, maybe more info than you wanted. 😝
  5. Now, she's got some sort of "film strip vinyl display shelves". Hurry and buy all of the covers so you can fill up the blank spaces! I actually canceled my order for the yellow this morning. I will probably find it cheaper later, if I feel like buying a copy. That makes zero copies on order for a record I was waiting for... Between this nonsense and PJ merch BS, my views about what kind of crap I "need" and can live without, is rapidly changing. I am going to be saving a lot of money in the future.
  6. Love CCR, so that would be a win for me. Saw Fogerty last summer and he was in top form.
  7. Wow. Let us know how that goes. If I were in the wrong place at the wrong time I could see myself buying one!😜
  8. Love Maren, but don't need this. The prices of 7 and 12 inch EPs is just too damn ridiculous these days. On a Maren related note, been listening to the Highwomen lately, and I'm really enjoying it. Great voices.
  9. I snagged one. Can't even load the page now to see what's up. I had a feeling this was going to go up and had the page already loaded.
  10. That is a shit ton of variants. Who do they think they are? Taylor Swift?🤑
  11. Just got shipping notification on Sunami Clear Yellow w/Neon Pink Splatter *Creator Destructor Exclusive*. I am terrible about keeping track of my orders and have no idea when I ordered this. More importantly I wonder how many records just never show up without me noticing.😄
  12. Yeah, until she releases signed versions of this. It is all building. Each variant seems a little more special, so fans can justify buying yet another copy of the same album to never spin.
  13. Evidently, the different colored variants of Guts have a secret track specific to that variant. At this point, I really don't give a shit, and will not be trying to get more variants. I gotta thank Taylor for mostly curing me of multiple variant collecting. Her rainbow vomit of variants has soured me on that aspect of collecting.

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