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  1. Death - On:Stage series up on Relapse. Too many for my wallet. Went for Belgium and Montreal.
  2. New Intoxicated full length is up. Very stoked for this one. https://seeingredrecords.limitedrun.com/products/724024-intoxicated-watch-you-burn
  3. Send me a message with the Nick Cave titles you need. I have quite a few and would sell as a lot.
  4. Sour is back up at Walmart. Glad I didn't pay too much more for my copy.
  5. The latest lp by The Spooky went up this morning. Misfits style punk. https://www.hostagerecords.com/bookstore
  6. I was hesitant to jump on this record, at first. I just bought it anyway. Now, I'm listening to the first album and just really digging it. Trying to figure out if I can muster up the energy to go out on a weeknight and drive an hour to see them live. They are headlining at an unusually large venue, which makes me feel I can wait until the last minute to decide. Has anyone seen them live?
  7. Damn. My record already shipped. They don't call it QUICKNESS for nothin'!
  8. No Code clear up for members. I like that they aren't selling them to people who got one last time. "Available to Members who have not previously purchased this item. Limit 1 per eligible Member while supplies last. Vinyl will ship 4/2022"
  9. I have herpes. Would you like that? 😜
  10. Chaos Moon and Panopticon over at Bindrune. https://shop.bindrunerecordings.com/
  11. Nothing there that really makes me think I need yet another copy of this record.
  12. Wait for the "I'm done with 10C because shipping records separately is bad for the environment" thread.😀
  13. That RT blue /500 was an easy choice. I really need to stop looking at the boards. My wallet is hating me.
  14. Excited for this. Especially because Brian will hopefully be too busy to do another solo album... Woof.
  15. Have always avoided this because I thought the name was stupid. Finally giving it a chance and really digging it. Went with the version on Bandcamp.
  16. Was it listed with an obi? I didn't get one with mine. That would have been cooler.
  17. Like everyone else has said, NESI does beautiful pressings. They are expensive, but if you don't dig them you can always sell them for cost+. The problem is trying to snag an /100 pressing can be really tough, unless it's a later /100. We're talking minutes after they drop. I got Agalloch and Black Kirin pressings from them and am completely happy that I did.
  18. Missionary is traditional, but still effective.
  19. And also https://store.decibelmagazine.com/products/devil-master-ecstasies-of-never-ending-night-decibel-exclusive

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