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  1. The descriptions of the records are kinda funny. A more simple and direct record with a title that refers to an Islamic parable from the 14th century and a cover that fans once got totally wrong.
  2. Very nice, but also VERY pricey. I found an original pressing at a flea market for a buck. Oh, the good old days!
  3. I just watched The Babysitter Must Die and I really enjoyed it. Seems to get crap reviews. Maybe I just have bad taste. LOL.
  4. Sometimes it is definitely sound and sometimes it is collector prestige. It is the same reason why I would love to have a first printing of For Whom the Bell Tolls by Hemingway, rather than my 27th printing. My first pressing of Blue Train is far superior to any other pressing I have bought.
  5. I would absolutely care if I paid a premium for a record. OP, your question was not quite as stupid as the usual ones we get from people, some who are looking for us to write their term paper for them, etc... I didn't even know that you could search using a matrix number. Good to know. Good luck in your search.
  6. I don't need anything there, but good deal. I'm also surprised by some of their prices. They're usually 29.99 and up, but I am seeing some below 20.
  7. As a consumer, I am buying less and less. I went from about 6+ a month to 1 or 2. The prices are way out.of control. The bottom is gonna fall put. This is from someone who was buying records back when they were 5.99 new. I honestly just stream shit.on Spotify now.
  8. It was fairly stupid, and not always in a good way. One of those movies you have in the background while you're doing other stuff. I do like some ridiculous movies like Snakes on a Plane, Sharknado, Cooties etc., but this movie was more of one and done. There were some funny moments.
  9. Nice. I guess I watched a lot this season. There were more, but I just can't remember them. · Totally Killer · Nun 1 · Nun 2 · All Annabelle movies · All Conjuring movies · Halloween orig · Halloween End · Something Wicked This Way Comes · Blade Trinity · Blade 2 · Mandy · Friday 13th · Friday 13th 2 · Friday 13th reboot · Cabin in the Woods · Phantasm · Haunt · Haunted Mansion 2023 · Saw all · Final Destination all · The Shining · Doctor Sleep · Trick ‘R Treat · La LLorona · Lost Boys · Scream all · Needful Things · Insidious · Candyman newer · Slotherhouse
  10. I checked out the two newer Scream movies and just wasn't impressed. The cast was boring. I really just wanted to see the old characters who weren't dead.
  11. Streamed, since BV isn't shipping until November, and I am enjoying the album. Yeah, the mix and all, but it's not so bad that I can't appreciate the songs while listening on my headphones.
  12. Totally agree. I also wish people would truly accept the fact that the Earth is flat and Trump won the election.
  13. Looks like rarer ones on Trust are sold out. This one is /300. https://southernlord.com/store/ssd-the-kids-will-have-their-say/?fbclid=IwAR0Ijlbz9KYhf9d_GD3NbyFbPDfl4Ru3wKbQBsuStKlj61HFipkOqCD302Y
  14. I was hoping for a Kerplunk, but I always hope and always get disappointed. I know it's unreasonable to hope for that. Oh well.
  15. I am surprised that I haven't sprung for any of these colored repressings. I already have originals, so I guess I am being "sensible". Or I'm just not giving a shit about multiple variants. My bank account will be so much happier. And I will be able to travel more.😜
  16. The Muffs for 50% off. https://omnivorerecordings.com/muffssale/
  17. I'd never heard of The Lion's Daughter before, but this is some wacky stuff. The cover art alone is frightening. See the NSFW album cover here. This store has a white /100 https://therecordspace.com/products/the-lions-daughter-bath-house-the-record-space-exclusive-white-vinyl-100
  18. Totally Killer was a great movie. Thanks for the recs!
  19. Thank you very much! I already have one, but I snagged one for my coworkers husband who is a Slowdive obsesso. He's gonna be so stoked.
  20. Just watched Haunt. Damn! I'm glad I didn't see that before I went to this scary ass haunt a couple years ago. There were very similar details in this movie that were also at this haunt. I was a little stoned when we went, but we were genuinely scared shitless during parts of it. That was a good scary movie.

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