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  1. There is now a purple pressing up. I'm really digging this new song. He sounds like he isn't trying to force anything. I wonder if it's written to his daughter.
  2. This evening?🤣I can't believe they are still up there now and it's only a little after 7:30 a.m.
  3. New song is so shiny and hopeful. Interesting turn of events.
  4. For fans of The Wild Magnolias, Wild Tchoupitoulas, and later Meters/Neville Brothers. They have a limited "mardi gras" colored version. Sold out at some places.
  5. Good luck with that. Recordstore UK ship in flimsy mailers. Out of the six records I have ordered from them, two came with bent cover corners and two never showed up at all. That was probably because they were so damaged that USPS just destroyed them.
  6. I guess the difference is that this is not a genre or label thread. Most people who dig Phoebe want to know ANY news or crazy pressings that come up. Either way I don't give much of a shit. If another thread is started I will look at it.
  7. More availability on the way = "We didn't realize how much more money we could make!" Dear David Bowie Fan, We are aware that a number of fans have had a poor shopping experience during the ‘Brilliant Live Adventures’ campaign, and for that we are very sorry. We also recognize that, unfortunately due to the unexpected demand, many people have been unable to purchase certain titles and subsequently missed out on the opportunity to complete their collection. In the coming week
  8. Wherever I came across this I wasn't even going to listen to it since I've been spending too much lately. Gave it a listen and now I keep playing these two songs every day, which is rare for me. I'm hearing a distinct combo of SDRE and FOO, even though I'm pretty sure the main composer wasn't in those bands.
  9. The more I thought about this the more I felt crappy about buying it. Requested a refund.
  10. Went with the CT exclusive because who doesn't love a brown colored record and a book I will leaf through once?
  11. I really did not need this expensive temptation. I can't see anything that says who is signing the bookplate. WHOOPS! Skipped the first details.
  12. This is a lot more interesting than some of the stuff people poop themselves over here. I'd say don't hesitate to post something different like this. I actually checked this thread because I know you dig Assertion and that album may be my AOY. We could use more variety on VC even if the thread gets buried under all the usual.
  13. Really wish I could have snagged an orange with black swirl. Just stumbled across this and have listened to these two songs multiple times. This album is going to be really damn good.
  14. I didn't find a thread about this. How is there not a thread already for this? Looks like only the MS version is left of the second pressing. BC
  15. I'm glad I missed it. It would have been unreasonable to buy that many expensive records in one shot. I'm in no hurry. I honestly won't be surprised if they release complete sets in the future or if they put more up of each release in the store.
  16. Got 6 and a box. One album in a big box. The hunt now begins.😄
  17. Death doom! Weeping Sores have now released their first album on vinyl format. If you don't have their second, False Confession, it's worth a listen. https://riffmerchant.bandcamp.com/album/weeping-sores https://weepingsores.bandcamp.com/album/weeping-sores?fbclid=IwAR30A_GntBPC8AXdulzVAoE1E3OgpOEOJUejamv0Wq79Rq1ydNEphwV3g20 From their second album. Violin sounds tight on this one.
  18. My wife hired HR to do a video message for my recent birthday. I was so fucking stoked and surprised.
  19. Snagged that red. Seems like the green is going to be everywhere.
  20. Well hell. Looks like even my 180 gram was canceled by Elusive. Ended up finding it again on the Floating Points BC. Hope this one goes through. If anyone finds retail copies of this on colored vinyl please send me a message. Thanks!

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