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  1. Sold out? FUCK THAT! Anyone who buys and regrets it, I'll buy it.
  2. Anthony's most stripped and raw album yet...love it.
  3. I love the slower ballads on this album...aged well too.
  4. "First Breath, Last Breath" is fucking amazing, one of SF best songs to date. The rest is really forgettable. Mastering ruined it, imo. Rhythm guitar completely shut out the lead guitar and the entire album just sounds like the same four power chords on repeat.
  5. UK version doesn't give any details on how it's "exclusive"
  6. This past year has been absolutely amazing for represses I've been waiting for. Stoked for this.
  7. Ordered mine during the first wave while I was clipping my nails. My dog was sitting in my lap that night. He was cold so I put a cute Christmas sweater on him. Fast forward one week later - my friend invited me to dinner but wanted to go to this place I hate because I always get the shits after eating there. I went anyways and, yup, got the shits. Ass turned raw from wiping too much. Yesterday I decided to start a project on my wife's car. She has rock chips all over, first time attempting to fix something like this. I watched a lot of youtube videos so I should be good to go. After that we plan to put a ceramic coating. My order finally arrived the other day. Crossed the great pacific ocean to Hawaii. I wasn't home so my post man left it on my door step. I really need to get him a Christmas gift. FYI.
  9. blows my mind people still want this
  10. Bruh...whoever bought this on ebay....LOL
  11. Guys FYI, drums were done by DEP drummer Billy Rymer.