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  1. I'm the opposite. If you're going to celebrate you should be doing extra. I want those demos, acoustics, and remaster. Anything less is useless. Isn't this album easily purchasable already?
  2. I feel like this guy is the most passionate collector here Bravo
  3. Relax, I just want to play a test press...
  4. Just want to confirm I never started the topic to try and migrate everyone to another site. Was just wondering if there was/should create a backup site somewhere, during outages. 😀
  5. If anyone got both the splatter/yolk and wants to unload one, get at me. I will reward you with extra.
  6. Do these exist for this forum as back ups? When the forums go down I feel so empty..
  7. I was a dumb ass and checked the releases page instead of the store (it was 7 am here, I was tired) so by the time I found the order page it was long gone.

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