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  1. National prejudice aside, I have to agree. Some of you are so negative. Guy comes on to a vinyl collective board with an enthusiastic story about collecting and gets railed. To the OP - care to share any of the favorites that you found? Also curious of any real gems (monetary value) you may have scored.
  2. I picked up a lot of great records for basically original price on DF. Seemed like it was collectors helping each other out instead of trying to make money. Good times, glad to see it's back.
  3. $40....dude can't believe I just bought that. But that soundtrack was soooo good. Movie is a such a guilty pleasure too...
  4. Really different... but Blue Sunday is jams...
  5. Wow...feels like Eve just came out. Never even gave that a listen, anyone have opinions on that album? They still gots it?
  6. Details say nothing about color on the black variant's website...assumed since it was coming from an Indie store the default color would be red.
  7. Big shout out to the guy who posted the wrong link then 👍
  8. My order just shipped from Deep Discount
  9. JEW finally decides to return to Hawaii since 2003 and of course I'll be in Europe...😥