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  1. This is a really beautiful package. I ordered the 200g white and got the clear with splatter though, this happen to anyone else?
  2. @danny any update on this? There is still no search field on desktop
  3. I gotta say, that was the smoothest I've had a City and Colour preorder go in a long time. I was able to get the /100 and the test press, barring any VERY SAD cancellations.
  4. New album, A Pill for Loneliness, out October 4. Preorder at www.cityandcolour.com and www.dinealonestore.com Please see Justin's post below for variant pictures and links.
  5. What up boys, heard back from Bullmoose. They are the best. The other two records are indeed also getting colored represses. They have since updated the listings. Hi! Here is what the label says: Carnavas is red marbled vinyl , and NOTW is yellow marbled.
  6. New EP from DCFC out on September 6. Blue /2500 (available at the official store, Barsuk, or indie) or black. https://store.deathcabforcutie.com/
  7. There are listings for Carnavas and Neck of the Woods to release on that day as well, but no info for those variants (if that info is even correct.) I'm going to hold off for a little more information before I order these
  8. https://store.odesza.com/products/pre-order-a-moment-apart-deluxe-box-set-mp3-digital-download They are selling a deluxe edition of A Moment Apart. Box set with book, ephemera, and 3xLP /1000. ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS
  9. Got mine in the mail today. Just as beautiful as the promo pictures. Absolutely gorgeous variants.
  10. Cool, thanks guys. I'm not really fussed about the color of my record, just thought it was weird. When I opened it I originally thought 'red and black mixed' must have been a weird way of saying red records and black records, randomly inserted. I guess some just missed a squirt of black--can't say I've seen that happen before
  11. Anyone get theirs yet? I got mine and it's just a straight bright red record. All my friends got a maroon and black smoke. Common?
  12. That OLG is a true beauty, and I don't mind Juturna either. Hardly ever see a brown record, especially mixed color like that. Also to add to the conversation, I think I might be the only fan of theirs that thinks The Amulet just plain sucks. Love their entire discography aside from that record. It's pretty much unlistenable for me. It's just so BORING