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  1. I agree in that Coldplay are capable of much more than the pablum they've been cranking out for the last few albums. Mylo is where they lost me, but Ghost Stories has the song Midnight on it, which is such a killer track and I'd like to hear an album in that more experimental, ethereal vein. I think they'd be very good at it. I'll keep holding on to hope.
  2. Ayyyy FUCK the rural bumpkins and 99% of the world amirite ayyyyyyyy 😎👉👉 REAL fans live in one of five cities lmao backwoods ass losers 😂👌 Shitposting aside, I'm loving the vociferous gall of, "Finally! W&T as it was meant to be heard!" and like twelve people in the world get to hear it
  3. Wow. Now this is a deep cut. Maybe there's hope after all for getting Wolftron's Flesh & Fears pressed.
  4. Available to tiers 2+, as far as I can tell. Still available.
  5. JFC. Can't wait to see the state of this thread in a few pages
  6. Did you (or anyone else with the print bundle) get the CD/DVD in the record package? I didn't get one and I'm pretty sure it was supposed to come with one.
  7. I would have gladly done that, but while they did accept two payments, they were still only shipping one per person. They did easily refund me after I emailed them, to follow up on that.
  8. I received my record over the weekend, however I never received a refund on my second accidental order. I know the double order happened to a lot of people, so please check your bank accounts as well. I sent an email to customer service this morning and hope to see a resolution soon.
  9. I accidentally got two copies of the yellow because of the website failures... hope they don't cancel both my orders as I didn't do it on purpose
  10. Boy I was really looking forward to casually enjoying a new album, yet I somehow sit here $550 poorer
  11. oh nice, i used to love typhoon but thought they broke up for some reason. cool!
  12. Weird that people have already gotten theirs because instead of mine shipping OR getting the next pressing, I got this (US distro): Hello, We would like to apologize for the delay of your Phoebe Bridgers Copycat Killer 12" and give you an update on its status. As a result of unprecedented manufacturing delays due to the pandemic’s effect on all industries, the delivery of Phoebe has been delayed. We are hoping to see copies arrive in early January. Orders will be fulfilled as quickly as possible once stock arrives.
  13. Hearing her and Matt Berninger finally sing together feels cathartic as it always seemed a foregone conclusion. That song was great. I don't know how it's possible (it's probably just the fanboy in me) but Justin Vernon elevates everything he's in. Exile and Evermore are awesome songs. On first listen I don't like this album as immediately as folklore, but it's still good. I'm sure I'll like it more as I listen again, it just seems a little superfluous upon first pass.
  14. another beautiful package. look forward to these every time. love this band

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