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  1. backpackoat

    VC Secret Santa 2018

    Yep, you're right. Quite quaint! I forgot to add this to the main post, but it's been done now. Thanks.
  2. backpackoat

    VC Secret Santa 2018

    Alright my friends, the matches are all sent. I tried to wait a few extra days for the last couple people to post about themselves but it didn't happen. Sorry to those, but we had to get going. The date for shipping your gifts has been extended to December 6th to compensate for getting your matches late. This is three full weeks to shop and ship, as agreed upon. PLEASE keep me apprised if something ends up delaying you. The goal is to get everyone their gift by Christmas. Since the group is so small, I have recused myself from this year's exchange in order to keep things fair and make sure things run smoothly given the truncated time we have. It is a very small group this year so please be kind to each other and give gifts as you would like to receive!
  3. backpackoat

    VC Secret Santa 2018

    I will get matches out today. LAST CALL for people who have not written about their interests.
  4. backpackoat

    VC Secret Santa 2018

    I'll post mine last as the cutoff point, it's the same from last year as well. Still waiting on the last few people. Please post!
  5. backpackoat

    VC Secret Santa 2018

    Last call for sign ups! If you're wanting to participate in this, remember to sign up via link before end of day tomorrow, Sunday Nov. 11! Important for everyone else who has signed up but has not written about themselves yet, it MUST be done by end of day tomorrow as well or you will be crossed off the list and will not be able to participate. I'm not trying to be an ass but we're very short on gift-buying time this year so there is no time to be wrangling any stragglers. Thank you!
  6. backpackoat

    VC Secret Santa 2018

    An odd number of people shouldn't matter, since A>C B>A C>B for instance, but that is a very generous offer. @Dunc @tokimedo @jhulud I'm not trying to pester so take your time, but I just want to make sure you know since I've updated the thread since you posted. Please sign up via this link some time this week if you'd like to participate. https://goo.gl/forms/JI3XPB7gynpZTlvu2 I also need some people willing to send out of the US or our good friend daegor will be SOL. I already matched with him last year, as much as I like the guy.
  7. backpackoat

    VC Secret Santa 2018

    That's correct, and a good point. I'll clarify!
  8. Signup for this year is closed I think VCecret Santa is a funnier title, but it looks awful written out. Still had to say it. Not my intention to stage a coup or anything, but I was the one creeping around so I guess I'll be heading off this year's version of Secret Santa, which I am very happy to do. Depending how many people enlist I may have to ask for a hand wrangling all the elves but I think I can handle it for the time being. We've gotten a late start on it this year, which is OK, however I still want to make sure everyone gets their gifts (ostensibly) before Christmas. Therefore I am instituting a couple different rules. DO NOT PARTICIPATE IF YOU CANNOT HAVE YOUR GIFT SHIPPED BY DECEMBER 6. NO EXCEPTIONS. This gives us three weeks to conjure up and purchase the perfect presents, as well as three weeks to get it through the holiday mayhem to your giftee. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR 'ABOUT ME' WRITTEN IN THIS THREAD BY END OF DAY NOVEMBER 11 OR YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED AND CANNOT PARTICIPATE IN THIS YEARS EXCHANGE. NO EXCEPTIONS. This allows me to send out matches November 12 so we have 3 full weeks to go gift hunting. I feel the bolded, no exception rules really highlight the fun and joy this event should bring to us all. Other than that, the rules are simple: Your match must receive gifts amounting to no less than $25 worth. There is no cap on what you can spend, so go crazy if you want. All packages must be sent with a tracking number. You must post an 'about me' after you sign up. You must have a tradelist. It's impossible to know what nifty new stuff to get you if we don't know what you already have. NO NAUGHTY ELVES! You must say thank you and post pictures/video of whatever you received. Please sign up at the link below if you would like to be included in this year's gift exchange. https://goo.gl/forms/JI3XPB7gynpZTlvu2 This is a temporary thread I will update throughout the day with rules and otherwise needed information. I think the new rules are fair considering the time constraints we are working under, however this is not a dictatorship and I am welcome to any revisions or suggestions if you all see necessary. List of elves: ozfacter Reshiram Youinreverse Sasan Dunc swb Daegor
  9. backpackoat

    Secret Santa 2K17!!!! ***SIGN UP CLOSED!***

    I'll make a new thread to catch any errant eyes. Please reconfirm your participation in that thread! I'm going to alter the rules a bit as well so we can make up for the time lost. @jhulud is there any way we can unsticky this thread and sticky the new one?
  10. backpackoat

    Secret Santa 2K17!!!! ***SIGN UP CLOSED!***

    I was thinking of this earlier this week. I'm willing to help/host it again if there is interest. This would have to be a truncated version since it is about a month beyond when it's usually started. Anyone out there want to do this again?
  11. Mine too! Huge surprise.
  12. backpackoat

    [PO] Thrice - Palms (9/14/2018)

    Here's mine. Cool how unique these are. Love that pink on the other one that was posted
  13. Oh sure, I know all the tricks--refreshed the second they went up as well. And then when they went back up same thing happened. I knew this would be tough to grab but not this tough. Oh well, just bad luck. To the vulturous c&c aftermarket I guess
  14. Are you kidding me... I don't even know how I could have checked out faster and somehow still missed it. Collecting this band is ridiculous
  15. I'd also REALLY like a full-band live album. When he switches his album acoustic stuff to hard, heavy rock for his concerts... man. Hopefully one day.