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  1. jhulud this is the most THE HOBBY!!!!! thing I've seen in a while and yet nary a peep
  2. https://solidstate.merchnow.com/products/hil0iamhyl-lp yellow is back up for anyone who missed out
  3. I feel similarly. I absolutely hated this album my first time though but I love them so much I thought it deserved a second whirl and upon another listen I like it much more. I think I've now come to terms with the fact they'll never give us another Carnavas/Swoon style album again--I've been coping for over ten years at this point--but this is pretty good. They were also great on Comedy Bang Bang and CBB-FM this week. A likable bunch.
  4. I didn't expect to see this opinion so solidly here. I really love this album. I think the vocal performances are strong and they still have some forceful aggression in their sound. To me it seems like a natural progression and really not that different than I expected, especially considering it's been 13 years since the last. I am very, very happy with this record. But I can appreciate that for others it is no Watch Out. Although maybe I'm just thankful after hearing the shit that other bands like Underoath are putting out after their reunions, yikes.
  5. This album is incredible by the way. Absolutely loving it
  6. It was Orange Crush, but it has sold out
  7. I like that after being broken up for a million years they finally came out with a beautiful, career spanning complete box set, only to (ostensibly) come out with a new album immediately after. Beyond excited for this. I'm so happy they are making music again
  8. I can't believe this finally happened. I am so happy. Back when downloading ringtones was a thing I had the opening riff to Fear Before Doesn't Listen To People Who Don't Like Them as my wake up alarm in high school, and I still have this Pavlovian 'oh god not another day' response when I hear it. It's because of this song that I learned never to make a sound you like your alarm. I'm so stoked for this
  9. I might actually die if this happens, my #1 most wanted pressed record
  11. Damn. 400 pages, 10k replies, and 15 years old. What a shame. @jhulud any way to get it back? Couple of posts in here were looking for their home
  12. What happened to the collection thread? That one was my favorite, though it hadn't seen much action recently. I love to see any collection, don't care the band. That's too bad. Anyway, cool pictures up above, not trying to get off topic