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  1. Cool, just have to remember to actually buy this a month and a half from now
  2. Holy smokes guys, I was very surprised to come home today to find my 3x LP sitting on my doorstep. I ordered from Matador. Comes in a thicc PVC outer cover with the album title printed on it. Very nice packaging. Can't wait to listen.
  3. They are sitting on an endless well of potential presses and if they like money at all they'd press them. Podcast fans seem to be fanatic enough that it might be warranted. 4x LP Time Bobby saga
  4. Alright, this is up for real now. Same link as above. https://www.podswag.com/collections/front-page/products/comedy-bang-bang-presents-creak-slam-sit-the-jack-sjunior-brian-pieces-saga-vinyl-album-2nd-pressing
  5. I can't believe I got a glow in the dark. I've never won one of these randomly inserted things before. Cool!
  6. Oh man, I am sosososo excited. One of my favorite bands. Hope this album is more in line with Carnavas and Swoon
  7. I really thought this single meant we'd also get an album announcement. Sounds like it's still not done :''''''''''''(
  8. This is by far my biggest qualm. Just make it easier to discern between the many variants, seems like an easy change to make.
  9. Maybe I'm daft and am just not understanding the post, but is The Fox supposed to act as Act VI? The way it's worded makes it seem as if it may be entirely orchestral and regardless it seems strange to send a six-act series with an album without the chronology in it.
  10. I'm completely with you, in fact my first draft of the post was about overpriced bundles but I figured it was more prudent to remain neutral in a topic. Totally ridiculous though
  11. New album by Local Natives out April 26. Lots of bundles as well as regular and deluxe versions of the record here: https://store.thelocalnatives.com/collections/violet-street First two singles, Cafe Amarillo and When Am I Gonna Lose You