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  1. Can't wait for each variant to be exclusive to a different bundle
  2. I saw the topic and was very excited. Now, not so much. I doubt they reach their goal, especially at this price. Wish they had a better label or something--I don't know where the blame lies because this is an incredibly talented band. Really want This is What Happens and Play With Fire but this pretty much assures we'll never get those. Am I being overly pessimistic?
  3. The instrumental is called Simulcast and it's up for preorder: https://merch.ambientinks.com/collections/tychoiso50 Out February 28
  4. Is there any better live song than Blood Bank?
  5. Out February 28, 2020. Gold vinyl with tip-on jacket. https://www.dominomusic.com/releases/real-estate/the-main-thing/exclusive-limited-double-lp
  6. Out March 13, 2020. Red vinyl through their store, or blue indie variant. https://store.grouplovemusic.com/
  7. Just got mine in the mail yesterday. There was no tracking number but they did send an email to say it had shipped. I know they are going out in waves so maybe yours either just recently shipped or just hasn't gone out yet? I don't know about it getting marked complete, though, as I never checked the status on the website. Good luck
  8. I feel the exact same. Didn't care for that album much at all. Interesting single, though, and I have hope this will be a great record
  9. Don't know how popular this band is around these parts, but they are one of my favorites. This news flew under the radar for me when it broke yesterday. New album Never Not Together out February 7, 2020. Standard black anywhere or gray from http://store.landlockedmusic.com/product/nada
  10. Wow, I didn't know about this. Addiction is so tough. That's really unfortunate to hear, especially with children. I like how upfront he's been about it for the past four years and thankfully it looks like he's cognizant of what relapse means for him and those around him
  11. Ordered blue and got black! That's the second time this year something like that has happened to me. But yes, black with splatter records are mostly pointless
  12. What a kick in the pants to everyone that preordered.
  13. Really? That fights for top spot for me. I love the relative heaviness of it and the way it jams out at the end. Really reminds me of his live performances. But I agree, best since Little Hell