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  1. Got mine in the mail today. Just as beautiful as the promo pictures. Absolutely gorgeous variants.
  2. Cool, thanks guys. I'm not really fussed about the color of my record, just thought it was weird. When I opened it I originally thought 'red and black mixed' must have been a weird way of saying red records and black records, randomly inserted. I guess some just missed a squirt of black--can't say I've seen that happen before
  3. Anyone get theirs yet? I got mine and it's just a straight bright red record. All my friends got a maroon and black smoke. Common?
  4. That OLG is a true beauty, and I don't mind Juturna either. Hardly ever see a brown record, especially mixed color like that. Also to add to the conversation, I think I might be the only fan of theirs that thinks The Amulet just plain sucks. Love their entire discography aside from that record. It's pretty much unlistenable for me. It's just so BORING
  5. I'm sure this won't be a surprise to anyone: BOX SET UPDATE Hi Everyone, We were unable to meet our hopes of shipping The Acts by the end of June, and apologize that this message is coming a bit later than it should have. Aside from the typical logistics of putting together a set this large, there are the additional creative hurdles with putting together something that is meant to have cohesion and represent a body of work. It is important to me that this box represents that vision, and in trying to maintain it, we've taken a bit more time than we had initially expected to. As someone who is frequently on the other end of long-delayed preorders, I completely understand how anxious everyone is to receive this, and how frustrating the wait can be. So, in the hopes of offering a sort of sonic salve to soothe your preorder blues, we're sending out "Is The Soul Just a Metaphor?" from The Fox & The Hunt to everyone who has preordered The Acts box set. At the moment, we are looking at September 15th as our projected ship date, but working our best to move that date up and up. Should anything change, we will be sure to let you know. Thank you all so much. This came to me as an email. They also posted some artwork as well as a download for that new song in the email so check yours if you want to see those things.
  6. I wonder why all the hullabaloo about finally pressing his tapes, and then not pressing the newest album at the same time
  7. Were we supposed to do anything about this or are they being automatically sent out?
  8. These are really great albums. I'm always disappointed Swan Damage never got to see the light of day.
  9. Not expecting to get lucky again with the random insert, but this is cool. I like the sign aesthetic
  10. Cool, just have to remember to actually buy this a month and a half from now
  11. Holy smokes guys, I was very surprised to come home today to find my 3x LP sitting on my doorstep. I ordered from Matador. Comes in a thicc PVC outer cover with the album title printed on it. Very nice packaging. Can't wait to listen.
  12. They are sitting on an endless well of potential presses and if they like money at all they'd press them. Podcast fans seem to be fanatic enough that it might be warranted. 4x LP Time Bobby saga
  13. Alright, this is up for real now. Same link as above. https://www.podswag.com/collections/front-page/products/comedy-bang-bang-presents-creak-slam-sit-the-jack-sjunior-brian-pieces-saga-vinyl-album-2nd-pressing