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  2. Damn. 400 pages, 10k replies, and 15 years old. What a shame. @jhulud any way to get it back? Couple of posts in here were looking for their home
  3. What happened to the collection thread? That one was my favorite, though it hadn't seen much action recently. I love to see any collection, don't care the band. That's too bad. Anyway, cool pictures up above, not trying to get off topic
  4. Very sad to hear they are going through this again. Also Steve just admitted himself into rehab earlier this week as well. Tough time, hope they are all able to persevere.
  5. This is the worst news. At least they went out with a ripper of an album. Hope they can figure something out in the future and that Keith finds some peace in whatever way that is. Feel bad for everyone.
  6. After my first few listens I thought to myself, "Have I grown out of this kind of music?" but then I remembered ETID put out an AOTY contender last year and realize, no, this is just an aggressively bland, milquetoast album with absolutely no memorable or standout moments. It is disappointing, and I was actually looking forward to having some throwback fun with this one.
  7. Wow, I guess DF shut down way more recently than I remember. It's funny to see my list of incoming records: Weezer's Pacific Daydream, Circa's The Amulet, etc. https://deadformat.com/collection/backpackoat
  8. This is probably my album of the year, and if it isn't then it's barely in second place. For me it's their masterpiece and I hope that whatever drama that was happening either has passed or will pass, because god damn (hot damn?) they are a sick ass band and I don't want them going away
  9. 11th anniversary... that's a new one. I love this album but I will never get over how Tender Loving Empire screwed me over on a Kickstarter of theirs I backed, and then also when I bought some records from them and some were missing and they made me split half the cost with them to have them resent. And it was their error! That was probably 10 years ago but they can go screw themselves--tenderly and lovingly of course.
  10. I bought into this because I LOVED Volcano Choir (and still do). I hope they weren't just a one-off because in my opinion it's the best JV side project but to hope for anything new at this point is a fool's errand. F this idiot for getting my hopes up about more music from them

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