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  1. Wow, I didn't know about this. Addiction is so tough. That's really unfortunate to hear, especially with children. I like how upfront he's been about it for the past four years and thankfully it looks like he's cognizant of what relapse means for him and those around him
  2. Ordered blue and got black! That's the second time this year something like that has happened to me. But yes, black with splatter records are mostly pointless
  3. What a kick in the pants to everyone that preordered.
  4. Really? That fights for top spot for me. I love the relative heaviness of it and the way it jams out at the end. Really reminds me of his live performances. But I agree, best since Little Hell
  5. No shipping on anything for me yet. Nada from C&C store, DA, or UO. Here's a cool little video of some of the records being pressed: Aside from that, (and I recognize that I am a homer,) I am really really enjoying this album. I like how airy it is, and I think the production is especially noteworthy. I think it's his best work in quite a while.
  6. Haven't heard any of the new songs yet, but this is quite the quick turnaround from the last record. Always excited for more Cursive!
  7. Sweeps! What up dude, hope your presence here is indicative of a repress of city nights 🤞
  8. This is a really beautiful package. I ordered the 200g white and got the clear with splatter though, this happen to anyone else?
  9. @danny any update on this? There is still no search field on desktop
  10. I gotta say, that was the smoothest I've had a City and Colour preorder go in a long time. I was able to get the /100 and the test press, barring any VERY SAD cancellations.
  11. New album, A Pill for Loneliness, out October 4. Preorder at www.cityandcolour.com and www.dinealonestore.com Please see Justin's post below for variant pictures and links.