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  1. Weird that people have already gotten theirs because instead of mine shipping OR getting the next pressing, I got this (US distro): Hello, We would like to apologize for the delay of your Phoebe Bridgers Copycat Killer 12" and give you an update on its status. As a result of unprecedented manufacturing delays due to the pandemic’s effect on all industries, the delivery of Phoebe has been delayed. We are hoping to see copies arrive in early January. Orders will be fulfilled as quickly as possible once stock arrives.
  2. Hearing her and Matt Berninger finally sing together feels cathartic as it always seemed a foregone conclusion. That song was great. I don't know how it's possible (it's probably just the fanboy in me) but Justin Vernon elevates everything he's in. Exile and Evermore are awesome songs. On first listen I don't like this album as immediately as folklore, but it's still good. I'm sure I'll like it more as I listen again, it just seems a little superfluous upon first pass.
  3. another beautiful package. look forward to these every time. love this band
  4. I've seen you have this take a few times. I'm really not trying to antagonize or argue with you but I don't understand it. $40 is a ridiculous cost for an album. Should we just keep being okay with these labels continuing to push up the "regular" cost of vinyl? Next year it'll be $50.
  5. It stinks that yours got cut off, sorry. Looks like great customer service though. My gatefold for FTA crumpled a little on the inside, and you can only see it when the gatefold is open. To me it's just part of the vinyl game, not really a big deal at all. Can't say I've ever seen a choose-your-own-refund before. Hopefully most people are honest about it.
  6. NO WAY. Wow man I'm so happy. Never thought this would happen
  7. I'm getting an invalid invite, not sure if anyone else is
  8. And to think I decided to refresh one last time before having to leave for work. Got the alternating pinwheel. Yes!
  9. Aw man, Where Is Her Head is one of my favorites on the album. Glad it made the cut. To each their own!
  10. For anyone thinking about this, this is $36 record (after $4 coupon code) with $11 shipping + $5 to get into the Patreon. Crazy expensive in my opinion
  11. Dude honestly, fuck UO. I remember when I ordered a record from them, it sold out extremely quickly, then a couple months later they put more copies up. Well, they fulfilled the SECOND wave of orders but not the first. I sent an email asking why they filled orders after mine and yet not for me who was there first, and their reply was simply, "Sorry, there were not enough units to fulfill all orders." Completely dodged the question with a dumbass answer, but I'm sure that was more Hanlon's Razor than anything. Scum ass company. I canceled all my open orders with them after that. Maybe I'm throw

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