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  1. Crazy to me that it's still up. Thank you very much, I was upset to miss the first round. My favorite NJ album
  2. i started watching this ironically but now im half an hour into it 🤷‍♂️. imagine being expelled from college for being honest when asked about smoking marijuana. jesus christ
  3. If anyone happens to be interested, this is NOT the original artists. Does not state that anywhere on the page
  4. What a band. A lot of beautiful variants with this one. Love to see so much pride and thoughtfulness put in to each of these deluxe editions. Really cool.
  5. I do have that one actually, and you're right--it's an excellent package. I really like this band a lot and want them to press everything and succeed but I think the price point is a really hard thing to overcome. I don't know how big their following is but I assume it's modest, which makes it even tougher. 150 is a lot more to go especially considering that the lion's share of most preorders (I'm assuming) come in when it first goes up. Just wish there was another way for these records.
  6. Can't wait for each variant to be exclusive to a different bundle
  7. I saw the topic and was very excited. Now, not so much. I doubt they reach their goal, especially at this price. Wish they had a better label or something--I don't know where the blame lies because this is an incredibly talented band. Really want This is What Happens and Play With Fire but this pretty much assures we'll never get those. Am I being overly pessimistic?
  8. The instrumental is called Simulcast and it's up for preorder: https://merch.ambientinks.com/collections/tychoiso50 Out February 28
  9. Is there any better live song than Blood Bank?