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  1. I liked when she said mouthfuck. Great album
  2. Dude honestly, fuck UO. I remember when I ordered a record from them, it sold out extremely quickly, then a couple months later they put more copies up. Well, they fulfilled the SECOND wave of orders but not the first. I sent an email asking why they filled orders after mine and yet not for me who was there first, and their reply was simply, "Sorry, there were not enough units to fulfill all orders." Completely dodged the question with a dumbass answer, but I'm sure that was more Hanlon's Razor than anything. Scum ass company. I canceled all my open orders with them after that. Maybe I'm throwing a baby tantrum but I fucking hate UO and their commodity vinyl market. Sorry to hear about your experience.
  3. Someone got a signed print where she wrote "I love you -Phoebe" on it instead of just a sig. Maybe there are a bunch of differently signed prints? That would be neat of her. Regardless, she's cool as fuck and this album rules.
  4. Looking for the lavender version of SITA to complete my collection. People all of a sudden have been posting sales for outrageous prices so just looking for something near median value. Thanks for your help!
  5. It's baffling that it wasn't. Would have beaten the record for most #1 singles on a single album then as well (assuming).
  6. Oh hell yeah. Can't believe it's been 7 years!
  7. Crazy to me that it's still up. Thank you very much, I was upset to miss the first round. My favorite NJ album
  8. i started watching this ironically but now im half an hour into it 🤷‍♂️. imagine being expelled from college for being honest when asked about smoking marijuana. jesus christ
  9. If anyone happens to be interested, this is NOT the original artists. Does not state that anywhere on the page
  10. What a band. A lot of beautiful variants with this one. Love to see so much pride and thoughtfulness put in to each of these deluxe editions. Really cool.