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  1. 5 minutes ago, rrd said:

    Note: This is a presale item set to ship around 12/31/2021

    Clear W/ Orange Splatter • Limited to 250

    Clear Smoke • Limited to 250

    Sumbitch…..now I gotta get a copy of Lusitania 

  2. 4 hours ago, museummouth said:

    Yeah considering Fugazi and Minor Threat got restocked I might wait. 

    Ended up selling my defective and dischord told me that it won’t get repressed till next year, and will probably be on a different color....that being said I’ve got an extra copy in transit cause I hastily ordered 2, I sell one at face value or trade for something

  3. 2 hours ago, lexicondevil said:

    Got mine from Midheaven and it is regular A/B. I'd definitely keep that mi$pre$$.

    Really?  I get collectability like if there’s an extra track or something, or it’s a different mix/rejected mix.  But when half the album isn’t there...I don’t get the worth in that.  

    Anyway dischord said they’ve already had some other bad ones and if they can recoup some cash on some defectives I’d rather them get the money

  4. 1 hour ago, Derek™ said:

    There’s definitely a handful of folks who gotta’ catch ‘em all for certain artists here and there, but of the ones that participate in threads, I can probably count them on one hand.  Maybe 2 at most.  Not arguing whether or not it happens, but I don’t think the general majority or vibe of VC is “buy 5 copies of 1 album, keep 4 sealed”.  Not in recent years or this “wave” of the community, anyway.


  5. Got an old Harmon Kardon 330c and the integrated phono preamp, to me, sounds muffled.  Like I’m not getting the best sound out of my records like I should be.  TBH my atlp120 integrated preamp sounds better.  But I’m always messing with my treble and bass to get better sound/punch out my stereo.  So I’m thinking of upgrading my pre-amp.  Any thoughts on one of those three preramps?


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