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  1. They played this song when I saw them on Saturday and thought the same thing. Can't wait to hear the rest of it.
  2. Got an email after ordering this stating that the clear being listed was a mistake, and that it's the standard purple.
  3. Has anyone received this yet? Emailed them about it and got no response. Says it was supposed to go out in December, but still haven't gotten mine.
  4. Don't know if it was ever pressed, but that was a great cd. Jeff Dean was the guitar player and from here in Vegas, and has played in many great bands out of Chicago. He played in the bands Certain People I Know, Four Star Alarm, The Bomb, All Eyes West, and Noise By Numbers to name a few. And the drummer Mikey Dufour played in a 90's band called King For A Day. Look up their album "Before I Go". Good stuff.
  5. All 3 of mine from the bundle have the noise on the first song as well, but the rest of the record sounds fine.
  6. This happened to me too. I contacted them, and they said this happened to a few people. They sent out a red set to me right away and it got to me before I even had the chance to send back the black.
  7. My download came with the bonus tracks in it. It was in a separate folder in the folder with the album songs. Pretty disappointed in this so far.
  8. My tracking for this says it was delivered yesterday, but no record was found in the mailbox or at my front door when I came home from work. Sucks.
  9. Not working for me either for the last few days now.