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  1. Thanks for the tip, will check that out!
  2. Hi! There's something I need from Disk Union in Japan, but they won't ship overseas. The items are not available anywhere else. I am now looking for some kind Japanese fellow board member who can help me with ordering the records to his/her address in Japan and redirect the package to me in Finland. All the costs will be covered through PayPal. PM me if you want to help!
  3. New code for ccmusic.com: FEB1650 (25% off over $50 order)
  4. Just heard that those two kids on the cover photo are my cousin's sons!
  5. You must be logged-in to do that. Weird. Do they have more information about this?
  6. The quote is from their email newsletter, there was no further explanation for this. Let us know if MM responses to you.Where did the Music Matters -topic disappear on Steve Hoffman forum? Haven't been able to find it.. Or maybe it is readable only for members now?
  7. I've got all existing Starflyer 59 tapes: Silver, Gold and She's The Queen EP. Shouldn't be too hard to find. e. Correction: There's also tape version of latest album IAMACEO (instrumental version) but that's not essential at all and it's not T&N release anyways.
  8. $70.11 shipped to Finland and that's before custom duties and taxes.. Awesome. It's probably safe to assume that this will pre-sell out without any European distro getting any..?
  9. GZ is one of the worst pressing plants along with Rainbo and United. Check out this topic: http://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/gz-vinyl-quality-control-or-lack-of-see-pics.310015/ The best European pressing plants are Pallas in Germany, Record Industry in Netherlands and MPO in France.
  10. The most popular Music Matters Blue Note 33 -series releases: Found this on another message board, the info is straight from the MM hq and is based on their inventory statistics. 3500 is quite a large pressing and hopefully these are going to be available for a while. European Music Matters buyers: where have you purchased these? I just got burned by the customs when ordering from US (ccmusic) so an european seller is favorable from now on. Based on my research amazon.uk marketplace seems to be the cheapest option (around 45€ shipped to Finland). I am under impression that there s
  11. They announced that in their FB when somebody asked about it:
  12. This awesome new album by the Finnish post-rock group Baulta is finally available Stateside from Bleeding Light Records for $20 plus shipping. It's one time pressing of 300. Quote from their FB page: Bandcamp: http://baulta.bandcamp.com/album/any-fool-can-regret-yesterday

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