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  1. heavyheavylowlow

    Thrice/Manchester Orchestra Tour Cancelled

    Thrice's pianist had something family related go wrong back in January when they supported Brand New at Wembley Arena, those guys can't catch a break Manchester Orchestra kind of phoned it in last time I saw them, it's easy to see why, they've got the Radio 1 crowd interested in England now so it was just a bunch dicks at their show. After every song all anyone shouted was 50 Cent. And whilst I agree it's a funny song it's not why anyone should go to see them considering how awesome they are. You could see it in Andy and Chris' eyes that they were pissed no-one cared about the good tunes.
  2. Well I tried to order but you gotta deal with your loose ends first I guess
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  4. heavyheavylowlow

    Fucking sweet Dear Hunter Vinyl/Awesomeness Bundle

    They've got 5 years left atleast, since they're on act 3 of 6 and averaging 1 every 2 years. And to be fair Casey would probably keep going on his own if they split up since that's how he started.
  5. check www.thedearhunter.com $125 for all that is insane! THE DEAR HUNTER OFFERS LIMITED EDITION LIFETIME FAN CLUB PACKAGE STARTING APRIL 14 Only 250 available! April 14, 2010 — THE DEAR HUNTER has been taking a much-deserved break after criss-crossing the U.S. for most of 2009 in support of their critically acclaimed ACT III: LIFE AND DEATH, which was released June 23 on Triple Crown Records. That doesn’t mean they’ve stopped working though. The band has been spending time putting together an extra special, super limited package for fans who sign up for a lifetime fan club membership. For $125, starting on April 14, 250 lucky fans will receive: •ACT I: THE LAKE SOUTH, THE RIVER NORTH and ACT II: THE MEANING OF, & ALL THINGS REGARDING MS. LEADING on clear vinyl with brand new, never-before-seen artwork encompassing both ACT I and ACT II. •A download card that will contain several never-before-heard alternate versions of songs from ACT I and ACT II. •A new digital-only EP featuring 3 brand new songs (unrelated to ACT I-III), available only to members of the fan club upon purchase. •A lifetime “The Dear Hunter Passport,” which guarantees entry into any show, anytime, anywhere in the world. Specifically, a laminated pass with their picture on it. * •A personal thank you in the liner notes of ACT IV, which is currently in the works. •A hand-written letter from singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist Casey Crescenzo. •A signed poster of the artwork for the limited edition EP. To make it even more special, there will be ONE Golden Ticket placed in the vinyl packaging that guarantees the recipient a private performance by THE DEAR HUNTER anywhere in the U.S. of their choosing, whether it’s in a club, living room, back yard, school gym, etc. “After the past 4 years of operating on the standard record cycle system,” explains Crescenzo, “we had been searching for a way to step out of our box. As soon as this idea was presented, we were offered one creative opportunity after another—re-examining our approach to the visual nature of projects from the beginning of the band at the same time we opened the creative floodgates on new material in our home studio. We have always held our fans and friends in such high regard, so offering something special like this is truly exciting, and it gives fans a chance to become an even bigger part of what this band is about.” The band’s website, Facebook, Myspace and Twitter pages will feature a video greeting by Casey Crescenzo, which will include information about the package as it’s made available. * Minimal restrictions will apply (i.e. festivals, etc.). Entry to shows will be done on an RSVP basis, but due to the limited nature of this offer, it won’t cause much restriction.
  6. heavyheavylowlow

    Against Me! - 4 song EP

    I'd listen to it, but I just don't feel like getting pissed off right now
  7. heavyheavylowlow

    Portugal. The Man signs to Atlantic Records

    I hope this doesn't mean they'll start a 3 year album cycle, that'd suck. On the other hand Zach and Ryan were soo cool to me and my girlfriend and I can't think of a bunch of guys more deserving of success.
  8. what the fuck? that's rediculous!
  9. heavyheavylowlow

    PO: Portugal. The Man - American Ghetto

    I got the whole vinyl, cd, tshirt thing, just because the guys were sooo nice to me and my girlfriend in October, they bought us more drinks than it's cost me to buy the album I think haha, I'll always support them in everything they do.
  10. heavyheavylowlow


    There was no music before Madonna. What are you talking about? Sorry, that's a Nottingham idiosyncrasy for Primadona, don't ask me where it came from though, it's just how I was raised
  11. heavyheavylowlow


    Change the record, dude, this is all you ever have to say about them! Admittedly if you don't take it with a pinch of salt he does come across badly on stage but it's just to get on people's nerves, he's pretty nice otherwise. Some of the shows i saw while they were touring Orchestra were fucking awesome. I can't think of a single thing he did on stage when I saw them that wasn't stuck-up pre-madonna full-of-himself bollocks, worst live show ever! and I went to see S Club 7 turn on my town's christmas lights this year.
  12. heavyheavylowlow


    So can I get this straight? I'm not allowed to pre-order this? cos if I can't then if someone will sort me out all the colours I'll buy you a copy for your troubles
  13. heavyheavylowlow


    This band suck beyond comprehension, and the little ginger twat is such a tool live
  14. heavyheavylowlow

    Fifteen is the greatest band in the world!

    Also, just so you know, it's not rape if you shout "surprise", so those statistics might be slightly off.