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  1. You can order four free at-home tests via the USPS. One order per household. https://special.usps.com/testkits
  2. From what I recall the mix sounded great, but was very to subtly different depending on one's ear and the song. These remixed albums can be jarring if you've heard the originally released version a thousand times and all of a sudden the guitar solo is a different take. At least that was my experience. Maybe check and see if this 2013 mix is streamable or on youtube to check out how it varies from the originally released version to see if it's something you want. I don't recall my copy having any pressing defects, but I offloaded mine years ago. Just looked at the reviews on Discogs and I don't see comments on the defects mentioned above, so maybe it was a fairly isolated incident.
  3. It ended up working for me after a few hours
  4. Same issue here... redirecting to a black hole rather than shipstation. Hopefully it will work more smoothly soon.
  5. You picked a rough time to get into the hobby with all of the supply chain issues and COVID impacting labor (probably a chicken and egg thing there). I've never seen it this bad before, but hopefully it will improve... in the meantime you just have to be patient. I'm currently waiting on 38 pre-ordered titles (sick brag, I know.)
  6. @tuckersucks I'm in for that Monster Movie test. I replied to your PM, but haven't heard back. Let me know if my messages aren't going through or if you've just been swamped.
  7. I'm kicking myself for not pulling the trigger on this and while I assume I'm shit out of luck, I figured I'd put out a feeler in hopes that someone ordered an extra and can help out. If not, I'll just hope for the best on Discogs. From what I understand it was one per order, but that you could place more than one order. Any assistance is appreciated. Sorry to bump for those watching the thread for news.
  8. Snagged Meat Wave. Thanks for sharing these so often.
  9. Definitely interested in that Monster Movie. Whispertown I've got otherwise I'd be in. Let me message the person who I was in talks with to get their Transistor, but haven't heard back in a few days. If they're out, I'm in for it.
  10. New Pink/Black/Blue variant. Quantities unknown. https://equal-vision-records.myshopify.com/products/polyrenapb-lp?_pos=8&_sid=3f324f418&_ss=r
  11. I wound up with Denervation today, but am interested in Vandal Moon if you're not attached @tlr
  12. My package is out for delivery! Pretty pumped to see what I wind up with.
  13. Man was refreshing constantly today, but missed it. I’ll have to check out the other albums and see if anything else jumps out to me before paying for the other two.
  14. BIN Deftones and Astronoid @10. It’s silly that those are available and will make an awesome gift. Please hold til the end in case I’m interested anything else.
  15. Well the good news is that I have TP's from all of those bands so if I wind up with a duplicate we'll be able to swap.
  16. Awesome, I appreciate that. If you wind up with anything you have no interest in that I need I'd gladly buy/trade for it if you're down.
  17. After the Fugazi tribute I got a little excited to see a track called Long Division, although I'm honestly glad it's not a cover (pretty strong tune, too!)
  18. Thanks! I'm in the neighborhood of 60 (well, will be once my Thanksgiving sale ones arrive), but there's still plenty that I'll need.
  19. I appreciate the reply, but I have both of the test pressing variants for that release. I found EIGHT Graveface test pressings at Sorry State in Raleigh totally by chance recently and the not numbered version was among them!
  20. It's a long shot, but does anyone have any Graveface Test Pressings they'd be willing to sell or trade away? I can work on a list of what I have if it's helpful, but PM me or post here if you have any you don't need/want. Toman - Where Wolves Wear Wolf Wear is my whale, but I'm after anything I don't have.

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