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  1. Mine was delivered today! hoping to give it a spin tonight.
  2. Oh snap, that was me on Discogs! When you messaged back saying you were after TMS tests I was like "I need to connect him with the dude on VC". Too funny. I've got the Dust Moth - Dragon Mouth test pressing if you're in need.
  3. Yeah! The box did NOT disappoint. I'll have to snap some pics and share them on the forum some day. Honestly the inability to upload pics make it a bit more of a pain to share images here. I'm up to 67 test pressings, too.
  4. I scored a Solace test pressing today! If you guys don't care no one else will, so I came here to share the news cuz I'm excited.
  5. @orheptalx that Bonobo - Black Sands is some of that downtempo electronic you're seeking. I think that's 3LP's for $10 too.
  6. Sent a PM. How much more do you have left to add to your collection on Discogs?
  7. I may have a Primus bib and onesie and Avett Brothers onesie in a box somewhere. Let me know if those are of any interest; if not I won't bother checking.
  8. I need to check them out. Was chatting with a guy at the Standards/Cloutchaser show in Raleigh a couple weeks ago and he was praising them.
  9. Two weeks ago some buddies and I went to go see Standards at a record store in Raleigh. Openers were Condado, Cloutchaser, then Invalids. Condado were solid emo and Invalids were good, but a bit much (I never thought I'd see both guitarists and the bassist two hand tapping simultaneously). Standards were super tight and funny, but Cloutchaser fucking stole the show. They have a new album called Metallica and their sound is a weird mix of Lightning Bolt, Van Halen, An Albatross, Hella, and a bunch of other bands I can't bring to mind at the moment.. HIGHLY recommend them! Since I've started following them on socials I saw they played a show in St. Louis where So Many Dynamos played under a fake name... that would have been nuts.
  10. Damn, that's a lot of good electronic/hip-hop/ninjatune stuff. Most I have, but good shit in here.
  11. Same! It's weird because I got hooked when Punk came and while Wink was one of my favorite albums of 2021 I'm hopeful that they retain some of that more noisy sample laden sound on songs like This Is Chai. Either way I'm sure I'll dig the finished product.
  12. If it's printed, yes, I always swap out the graphic sleeve for a plain or mofi/invest in vinyl option if I have them on hand. Otherwise, they go into a bin that I use when I ship records I've sold. Some high end stuff I'll include the nicer plastic lined options and I have tons of records from before when I started doing this that I come across in my listening. But, no, I don't keep them in the jacket with the record it came with... I do do that with the hype stickers, UPC stickers, etc.
  13. It's solid, the art rules, and I'm super pumped to see them with Open Mike Eagle in the fall.
  14. None of my Failure needs though
  15. FYI, If you're not familiar with the Care Credit credit card look into it. Hopefully your vet can get you set up, but it's basically 0% financing for vet stuff as long as it exceeds a certain amount (I think it was $250 when I opened one many years ago). Was convenient to not pay anything when my cat was super sick and we paid it off over three years with no financing charges and then closed the card out. Just have to make sure you pay the minimum each month. My cat was fine after treatment for many years, but passed on long ago. I hope your little hedgie is ok!
  16. Shitty! Did you have the opportunity and it slipped away? I'm now 7 for 8 on KB test presses and my only whiff was when I was at a work function attempting on my phone.
  17. https://kingbuffalo.bigcartel.com/products S/T Demo 10th anniversary is available as of noon. Test Pressings /30 sold out Deluxe / 700 Standard /1800
  18. Looks like you're going to end up with two autographed 12" x 12" inserts from Sam 😄
  19. I too want this one... the recent HHIH announcement reminded me of this. I sold Purr a couple years ago and sort of regret it.

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