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  1. Yeah. The correct colored ORD definitely says it on the sticker. Seems like they screwed up everyone’s shipments. Contact them, they will send you the correct one.
  2. I contacted them about the wrong variant and they quickly shipped the correct ORD via priority mail. Got it today. They never said anything about sending back the black copy so I guess I have an extra now. Also, still no pins.
  3. Accepted their offer to ship Orange Rhyming Dictionary and Four Cornered Night. Received both today and can confirm that at least Four Cornered Night is on Clear with Black swirl instead of totally clear. They shipped me a black copy of Orange Rhyming Dictionary so I’m gonna have to deal with that tomorrow.
  4. Complete copies are out there. I had this on pre-order from both CCMusic and Bullmoose and both copies shipped. I wasn't expecting either copy to arrive. I already received the one from CCMusic and the BullMoose one is due to arrive tomorrow. I ordered the Bullmoose one on Wednesday, but they have since changed the release date. I was incredibly shocked when it actually shipped yesterday. I have already sold one and plan on keeping the other one.
  5. Haha. You guys are ridiculous. Maybe I just used a blue sharpie to color it? The labels are perfectly aligned. What you see is the record on the white sleeve, with the sleeve holes showing through. The record is in fact translucent blue. I never once stated that was here looking to "hook up someone who deserves it". I came in here and posted a picture of a record that people didn't seem to think existed to show that it did in fact, exist. I DID state that I would entertain offers if someone wanted to make one. Frankly, most of the offers I got were quite low to not even justify selling it. I bought a copy of this record because i really like the record, and I kind of wish it just ended up being black. Is posting it on discogs for $500 "laughable". Absolutely. It was the only forum I could use to offer someone outside of this forum the opportunity to acquire this record. The offers I have received via Discogs have been more than acceptable; way more than anything offered here. I don't like being tasked with having to decide who is most deserving of this record. I just want to get it out of my possession. I have decided to post this record on eBay so that the market will dictate what i sell this record for. I will be posting it for 99cents. Once i can figure out how to use the eBay charity function, i will be posting the auction with 50% of the profits donated to PAWS Chicago, a no kill animal shelter. If the record ends up selling for 99cents, so be it. I hope it finds a good home. I will take the profits and go out and buy another copy to listen to and hope that it doesn't end up being blue.
  6. I had no clue it would be blue. I was expecting black. I haven't decided what I am going to do with it yet, but I think I would probably just be happy with a black copy. I guess I am entertaining offers if you want to make one.
  7. Uploaded with ImageShack.us I was going through poster tubes, clearing some stuff out. Found this artwork proof for the War All the Time album. It is 18" x 39". Offers?
  8. If anyone really wants this, I will sell mine for $80ppd to the US. Includes all 7 records, plus the button and CD version that came with the original set. Trying to clear some stuff out anyway.
  9. I've got Supermarket All Stars 7inch on gray vinyl. Totally forgot I had this. Fueled By Ramen Records #1! Make an offer, i suppose?
  10. Yeah. This white LP sounds like shit. I contacted KRM and they said that they told the band white vinyl would sound bad and they still went with it. The only option they gave me was to exchange it for a black one.
  11. Everything that is not being held is now $2 cheaper! BUY!
  12. bump. a couple things are being held, but still a lot of stuff available.