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  1. Transit ruined themselves. And the drugs ruined everything.
  2. 1. This should indeed be on the Everything Else board but no big deal. 2. First question was “who got ‘Waiting Room’?”. Glad it was Failure. Solid cover. 3. Taking Meds is going to steal the show here.
  3. I am happy to say I own a copy of the superior-sounding UK pressing but the people deserve a repress of Stakes Is High, damn it!
  4. I know it’ll never happen but Down To Earth Approach’s first album would be sweet. Only came out on CD.
  5. I like this about 1000x more than anything on Interiors. Stoked. Will buy whatever format this comes out on.
  6. I would greatly appreciate when these start arriving if anyone can do a comparison with the OG. I’m very on the fence about ordering this. I love this album but not enough to own 2 copies if there’s not a significant difference in quality. Thanks!
  7. I second this, plus I think Deep In A Hole is the best thing they’ve done. New Sidewalk is least favorite but still very enjoyable. This is coming from someone who still thinks Stand Tall should be in the Smithsonian. Killer deal for this repress. Sounds better than the OG to me. Somebody better jump on it.
  8. I just want the 3 song EP that followed this. That shit rips.
  9. This EP is a slobberknocker. Easily their most consistent and well-flowing release. The continued lack of awareness on this band is criminal.
  10. Thanks for the reminder, homie. Went with a haze. Didn’t like any of the colors but haze is a cool way to go usually....as long as the jacket isn’t full of sand when I get it. Shit, I should’ve picked green. D’oh!
  11. Ooh la la. I was beyond disappointed with Real Fear, but this is TASTY. I’m going to have to hear a couple more before I trust enough to buy the whole album, but this is a wonderful start. Also, am I not recognizing some sort of slimmed down, cleaned up appearance or is Junior no longer pounding the skins for them? That’s a huge loss if so.
  12. True. I actually talked to dude from Floodlight on Facebook IM last weekend. Tried to make him conjure up a “lost in the warehouse” box out of thin air to no avail. He definitely sounded like he has no interest in getting back in the game. I’ve about reaching out to Jeff C (he still owns/runs RFC, right? I hadn’t bought a release of theirs in like 7 years before I snagged a green of this) on that repress topic. I have to imagine the idea has already occurred to him.
  13. Love this album, and these guys are my new favorite band. Been listening to their catalog non-stop since the video for “Stuttering Stanley” woke me out of my slumber. If anybody has a copy of either of their previous records (Far Removed and Satisfaction) and would be willing to part with them for $65 shipped or less, PLEASE shoot me a PM. They seem to never pop up on eBay, and the Discogs prices start at $80. Barf.

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