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  1. Fuck YES. Ordered without hesitation. I don’t care who thinks you’re a Victory/Hello Merch plant; you’re alright by me, pal. I couldn’t give half a shit about most of the links you post, but clearly nobody is putting in more effort these days on this board to come through with timely ordering links for so many releases, regardless of where they originate from.
  2. These are already shipping. Got mine in Michigan on Monday.
  3. Waiting for my physical to arrive before listening. You might not meet a bigger CoR fan, so I like the tone of these reviews.
  4. This new stuff is a little too cheese for me (too), so please do tell me what else of theirs I should check out.
  5. Good deal! I have yet to preorder the new one as I was waiting for my credit card cycle to roll over to the next month but will be doing so very shortly. Thanks for putting this out!
  6. Any thoughts of a My Moon 7”? I’m stoked on 10 new songs but hoped that one would be on this too. LOVE that song. It’s neck and neck between that and “Summer of Down” for my favorite song of theirs.
  7. I like both of these guys (Hommy way more because he actually spends time on his lyrics) but $150? What a joke. I didn’t realize I was getting a deal when I had to pay about $40 each for some of Fahim’s vinyl from lowtech records. Still haven’t listened to Muggs & Hommy. Hoping to get around to it soon.
  8. I’d love to believe a band-approved repress with extras will come along, but I won’t until I see it. The eons-long wait for Downward Is Heavenward doesn’t make me hopeful. That said, I’ll pass on this one for now. Also, I was also lucky enough to get my entire $60 order from Ed refunded despite clearly stating in the case notes that I received 2/3 of my order. I already re-spent it on vinyl.
  9. Holy shit. You rule. Just joined. Can’t believe this is actually happening, and I’m glad the news is reliable considering nobody knows their face to face shit better than you! Edit: please tell me it’s a 2xLP with the So Why Aren’t You Happy? songs.
  10. Thanks so much for the heads up so I could get on my refund for the Orange 9mm repress quickly!
  11. As an at-a-distance WWE fan who waits for friends to tell me which PPV matches are worth going out of my way to see, I’ll admit you sized that up better than my emotions-over-facts approach. The Ali fanboy in me wants to believe this could’ve all been his, but you’re correct it most likely wouldn’t have been. I stick with the above model for TV as well. The only WWE TV I’ve actually sat down and watched in years were the two recent Smackdown matches between Mysterio and Almas. I spend a lot more time watching NJPW, Progress, and whatever other scattered Euro indies I can see Ospreay, Walter, and Develin matches on. I do generally enjoy NXT Takeovers too, especially anything involving British Strong Style. Speaking of which, anybody else here lucky enough to score a Dunne action figure?
  12. You got swerved, Scott. I think both will provide a good match with Bryan, but the thing that bugs me most about all of this is that Kofi’s push would’ve been Ali’s. I’ve been an enormous fan of the guy since the CwC tournament, and his push was the most improbable in Vince’s world. I’m gutted for him, having to sit on the sideline watching his replacement get a Mania title match. Fuuuuuuck. That’s gotta burn. Hopefully he doesn’t go into aimlessness in his return like Balor did for too long.