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  1. Holy shit. You rule. Just joined. Can’t believe this is actually happening, and I’m glad the news is reliable considering nobody knows their face to face shit better than you! Edit: please tell me it’s a 2xLP with the So Why Aren’t You Happy? songs.
  2. Thanks so much for the heads up so I could get on my refund for the Orange 9mm repress quickly!
  3. As an at-a-distance WWE fan who waits for friends to tell me which PPV matches are worth going out of my way to see, I’ll admit you sized that up better than my emotions-over-facts approach. The Ali fanboy in me wants to believe this could’ve all been his, but you’re correct it most likely wouldn’t have been. I stick with the above model for TV as well. The only WWE TV I’ve actually sat down and watched in years were the two recent Smackdown matches between Mysterio and Almas. I spend a lot more time watching NJPW, Progress, and whatever other scattered Euro indies I can see Ospreay, Walter, and Develin matches on. I do generally enjoy NXT Takeovers too, especially anything involving British Strong Style. Speaking of which, anybody else here lucky enough to score a Dunne action figure?
  4. You got swerved, Scott. I think both will provide a good match with Bryan, but the thing that bugs me most about all of this is that Kofi’s push would’ve been Ali’s. I’ve been an enormous fan of the guy since the CwC tournament, and his push was the most improbable in Vince’s world. I’m gutted for him, having to sit on the sideline watching his replacement get a Mania title match. Fuuuuuuck. That’s gotta burn. Hopefully he doesn’t go into aimlessness in his return like Balor did for too long.
  5. Wow. Like everybody else I love this record enough to have sought out an OG, but MOV represses are usually top notch so I’ll probably have to do this. I’m REALLY surprised somebody’s putting the money behind this considering that this band seems to be kind of lost in history compared to post-hardcore brethren like Quicksand and Helmet. How do people feel about Tragic? Which one I like better changes by the month. It’s a shame it never got a vinyl pressing, but I’ve always assumed the market isn’t there for it now. Maybe if this sells well somebody will consider it. “Failure” is the fucking jam! I don’t even acknowledge anything post-Tragic beyond that song “Victim”. Traynor leaving seemed to be a creative death knell.
  6. I feel the same way about the Homelife record. Most slept-on record BN has ever put out in my opinion. I hope people figure out their error when they get it in one of those bundles. I wish I didn’t already own every BN release I’ve ever wanted or I’d be all over this. R.I.P. Banquets.
  7. Know that you will only get store credit for cancellation too. No refunds.
  8. I won't go that far but am very happy it's included. That was my first guess for the 3rd b-side but still didn't think that would be it because it's a YPAA b-side. "Aphids", on the other hand, I am SEVERELY stoked on having in 100% analog.
  9. I got my blue comp before Xmas but didn't listen until yesterday morning. I forgot how much some of these songs rule. Somehow I appear to be one of few to get a completely intact mailer too.
  10. I don't see any options to addto cart. I only see price. Shit sticks! Edit: was in the store at 12:00am and still looks like I struck out. So disappointing.
  11. I scored a copy of the purple sparkle from Enjoyment way back when, but the glitter does not exactly enhance the sound quality. Accordingly I'm stoked on this and will probably grab another copy. If anyone really wants my OG, I'll listen to offers.
  12. Thanks so much for posting this. I had no idea dear Hippy was doing anything else and have long lamented the death of moneen (at least in terms of new music). I got 90 seconds into the video before I had to shut it off and go preorder. Sounds fantastic. I love when I kind of forget how badly I miss a certain band, and then one of the members (or a surprise reunion) blindsides me with something new and awesome. Hopefully this isn't one of those I'm-way-into-my-30s-and-will-only-do-2-shows-a-year-in-my-home-province type of band because I would love for them to do a US run.
  13. Warning: domestic shipping is $10. If you try to help a friend and yourself save some of that dough, know that total shipping goes to $30 if you buy 2. Unreal. Also, is it just me or does the length of this album scream "2xLP me!"? Ah, whatever, very glad to finally own a copy. https://delasoul.bandcamp.com/album/buhloone-mindstate
  14. Finally something concrete! I finally felt confident enough to throw my beloved OG black up on Discogs. Jacket is a little dinged up. All offers will be considered but any VC homies would get first consideration and preference. Help me fund my chase for a Blacktop Cadence test press. I'd link it but I feel like that's too douchey. I'm cautiously optimistic about the new material. I hope it defies the quality trend with lackluster reunion albums. Actually I hope it slays like the new Hopesfall. Wowzers that shit jams.