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  1. Hey Alan, while you’re at it with bringing things back home for people, any chance you can kidnap Elliott and their gear and bring them back for me? I’ll pay handsomely, as in I’ll pay you for your unused airfare and for the U-Haul rental truck to stuff them and gear in. Thanks in advance. Seeing them with Jay again was on my never-gonna-happen wish list for 2 decades now. Ok I promise I’ll shut up about how crushed I am over missing them now.
  2. THEY PLAYED DETROIT AND I MISSED IT? Fuck me in the ass with rocks, man. Edit: Just found your YouTube videos. I’m crushed but thanks so much for recording/posting.
  3. Thanks for the heads up on the reunion. Somehow it had escaped my awareness and I couldn’t be more stoked (unless I were at FF). While I would’ve loved a complete reunion of the USS/FC lineup, just having Jay back is a HUGE blessing. Benny was a super nice guy and all but completely ruined them live for me.
  4. Praying for “Diffuse” to be added to Electra. Stoked on the 45 RPM to replace my SRC copy too!
  5. Nostalgia for classic records is the driver….man, they really have their fingers on the pulse 😒 Colorado alone bought 6 million copies of “Time In A Bottle” in 2020 I’m sure.
  6. Thanks, duder. Snagged a Thriller for the kid and a Coltrane for dad. Use some circle rewards and came away with both for $18 shipped.
  7. Got shipping notice from HHV.de today. So glad I’m not still sitting around waiting to secure a copy. I think it’s going to be at least a year before any US repress doesn’t sell out in minutes. Either that or a run of 20,000 or something ridiculous like that
  8. Couldn’t agree more. It’s like they had too much time with it and kept cramming stuff in and overcooked it. Trevor’s lines at the beginning of “Figure 8s” sound like a coffee commercial jingle. I LOVE everything else about that song and the video is great. That said, “Gimme The Shakes” is probably too 3 all time AWS songs for me. It’s that rare song that I find myself compelled to listen to multiple times per day. Bummed I had to miss them in MI this past weekend due to work. I’m sure it was fantastic.
  9. I would be SO happy to be so perfectly poorly timed with my comment except I was doing Mother’s Day shit all yesterday and missed out AGAIN. I can’t look my kid in the eye today. Dad let you down again, buddy.
  10. The “be patient” urgings/condescension in this thread is aging poorly. So am I while I wait to own a copy of this.
  11. Goddamnitall!!!! Just woke up from a nap to see I missed out again. I guess I’m glad to see I might not have stood a chance even if I were on top of it. I’m hoping this is a prelude to more shops having restocks this week.
  12. Merch______? I see nothing on merchnow or merchbar or the band’s merch section on their site.
  13. Precisely. Wasn’t a mystery to me why it happened. Just thought it was cool to not have a shirt or mug or something that tripled the shipping cost.
  14. Snagged a pink from the band store. It’s weird and cool to be able to still select media mail even though my record is part of a bundle. Can’t say that has ever happened before.