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  1. Let us not forget Biohazard. “Punishment” was a personal musical revolution for me. I also remember Greta videos being on there often. Never got into them though.
  2. I own the 2010 repress already but will pick this up if they include “Boys’ Republic”. That’s such a slept-on great song in their catalog.
  3. Came to see what the hell could possibly be keeping this on the front page, left with a solid new band to listen to. Thanks, guys!
  4. Yes! I stupidly unloaded my OG of therecordplay so I’ll be ecstatic to have a copy again.
  5. Hell yeah! LOVE the first album and the second one is good too. Pre-ordered this but I don’t recall what version. Got the email about the mp3s yesterday but not sure when I’ll have a chance to actually sit with it and listen. Either way the 2 preview tracks have me hopeful.
  6. What’s supposed to be out? Just a single or the (hopefully) LP it’s from?
  7. I’m about 2 minutes in and digging it. Thanks for the heads up. Reminds me of the second Everyone Eveywhere record, which is a personal high water mark. Maaaaaaan do I miss that band. I haven’t seen any news of such, but after 7 years without a peep, I have to assume they’re dead. Booooo
  8. The following words come to mind after watching that video and hearing the single for the first time: limp milquetoast lukewarm flaccid
  9. Circling back around after having my records for a couple weeks. You guys couldn’t have been more dead on, and they couldn’t have come any more correct. This is truly a great album, with an absolutely killer closing track. I truly couldn’t be more pleased with it. So glad these guys are making music again.
  10. I still can’t believe this is actually happening. And with the EP tacked on no less. What a fucking dream come true! Grabbed an electric blue. I would’ve probably missed out if somebody hadn’t commented on punknews that the sale went up last night.
  11. Sweet! Seeing them in Detroit on Monday. Looking forward to it.
  12. Huge thanks to you and Toki! This is the news I’ve been waiting for to pull the trigger. “Lycanthrope” is a perfect song and has been sadly missing from my collection for too long.
  13. After a couple spins I can say I’m 100% satisfied with this and then some. It sounds like the best possible progression from CoR to me. And the drumming, oh the drumming! Oli fucking rules.
  14. That’s a really frickin short list of stores. Thanks for providing the link though. Wouldve been a good look for the band to include that link or list. I also successfully ordered to the US from the UK site but I’m afraid it’s going to get canceled. Thankfully I’m only about a half hour away from Dearborn Music but I work midnights so getting there while they’re open is rough so I’m not too hopeful for that angle. Edit: Forgot to mention new song kicks ass!
  15. Oh hell yeah! Long overdue. I saw them many times opening for everybody before this album came out and thought they were decent but never bought anything. Then this beast came out and I fell in love...and then never got to see them again before they quit. Loving this reunion business!