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  1. Thanks for the reminder, homie. Went with a haze. Didn’t like any of the colors but haze is a cool way to go usually....as long as the jacket isn’t full of sand when I get it. Shit, I should’ve picked green. D’oh!
  2. Ooh la la. I was beyond disappointed with Real Fear, but this is TASTY. I’m going to have to hear a couple more before I trust enough to buy the whole album, but this is a wonderful start. Also, am I not recognizing some sort of slimmed down, cleaned up appearance or is Junior no longer pounding the skins for them? That’s a huge loss if so.
  3. True. I actually talked to dude from Floodlight on Facebook IM last weekend. Tried to make him conjure up a “lost in the warehouse” box out of thin air to no avail. He definitely sounded like he has no interest in getting back in the game. I’ve about reaching out to Jeff C (he still owns/runs RFC, right? I hadn’t bought a release of theirs in like 7 years before I snagged a green of this) on that repress topic. I have to imagine the idea has already occurred to him.
  4. Love this album, and these guys are my new favorite band. Been listening to their catalog non-stop since the video for “Stuttering Stanley” woke me out of my slumber. If anybody has a copy of either of their previous records (Far Removed and Satisfaction) and would be willing to part with them for $65 shipped or less, PLEASE shoot me a PM. They seem to never pop up on eBay, and the Discogs prices start at $80. Barf.
  5. As somebody who spent 5 miserable years in the bleak Upper Peninsula of Michigan and discovered emo at the beginning of it (out of pure necessity), I can’t overstate my happiness at this band’s existence and their perspective on it. I also had the Stay Inside LP pre-ordered, so I haven’t gotten my copy yet. I also tacked on their first Forest Green release. Stoked to finally get it all sometime soon hopefully.
  6. Can’t believe: 1. This actually got repressed...twice. 2. I missed this thread when it was first up. Kicking myself. Snagged a 180g Black now though so all is well....except that Sirens has still never been pressed. Maybe if this 2nd pressing sells out someone will take notice that the demand is there.
  7. Let us not forget Biohazard. “Punishment” was a personal musical revolution for me. I also remember Greta videos being on there often. Never got into them though.
  8. I own the 2010 repress already but will pick this up if they include “Boys’ Republic”. That’s such a slept-on great song in their catalog.
  9. Came to see what the hell could possibly be keeping this on the front page, left with a solid new band to listen to. Thanks, guys!
  10. Yes! I stupidly unloaded my OG of therecordplay so I’ll be ecstatic to have a copy again.
  11. Hell yeah! LOVE the first album and the second one is good too. Pre-ordered this but I don’t recall what version. Got the email about the mp3s yesterday but not sure when I’ll have a chance to actually sit with it and listen. Either way the 2 preview tracks have me hopeful.
  12. What’s supposed to be out? Just a single or the (hopefully) LP it’s from?
  13. I’m about 2 minutes in and digging it. Thanks for the heads up. Reminds me of the second Everyone Eveywhere record, which is a personal high water mark. Maaaaaaan do I miss that band. I haven’t seen any news of such, but after 7 years without a peep, I have to assume they’re dead. Booooo
  14. The following words come to mind after watching that video and hearing the single for the first time: limp milquetoast lukewarm flaccid