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  1. Sweet! Seeing them in Detroit on Monday. Looking forward to it.
  2. Huge thanks to you and Toki! This is the news I’ve been waiting for to pull the trigger. “Lycanthrope” is a perfect song and has been sadly missing from my collection for too long.
  3. After a couple spins I can say I’m 100% satisfied with this and then some. It sounds like the best possible progression from CoR to me. And the drumming, oh the drumming! Oli fucking rules.
  4. That’s a really frickin short list of stores. Thanks for providing the link though. Wouldve been a good look for the band to include that link or list. I also successfully ordered to the US from the UK site but I’m afraid it’s going to get canceled. Thankfully I’m only about a half hour away from Dearborn Music but I work midnights so getting there while they’re open is rough so I’m not too hopeful for that angle. Edit: Forgot to mention new song kicks ass!
  5. Oh hell yeah! Long overdue. I saw them many times opening for everybody before this album came out and thought they were decent but never bought anything. Then this beast came out and I fell in love...and then never got to see them again before they quit. Loving this reunion business!
  6. My interest in Pro Era has wained greatly over the past year as they’ve further assimilated their production choices to mimic the mainstream/trap stuff. I have assumed this album is completely devoid of boom-bap production. Please inform me if I’m wrong and there are some tracks I should check. Also, Flatbush Zombies are the U-God of this group.
  7. Fuck YES. Ordered without hesitation. I don’t care who thinks you’re a Victory/Hello Merch plant; you’re alright by me, pal. I couldn’t give half a shit about most of the links you post, but clearly nobody is putting in more effort these days on this board to come through with timely ordering links for so many releases, regardless of where they originate from.
  8. These are already shipping. Got mine in Michigan on Monday.
  9. Waiting for my physical to arrive before listening. You might not meet a bigger CoR fan, so I like the tone of these reviews.
  10. This new stuff is a little too cheese for me (too), so please do tell me what else of theirs I should check out.
  11. Good deal! I have yet to preorder the new one as I was waiting for my credit card cycle to roll over to the next month but will be doing so very shortly. Thanks for putting this out!
  12. Any thoughts of a My Moon 7”? I’m stoked on 10 new songs but hoped that one would be on this too. LOVE that song. It’s neck and neck between that and “Summer of Down” for my favorite song of theirs.
  13. I like both of these guys (Hommy way more because he actually spends time on his lyrics) but $150? What a joke. I didn’t realize I was getting a deal when I had to pay about $40 each for some of Fahim’s vinyl from lowtech records. Still haven’t listened to Muggs & Hommy. Hoping to get around to it soon.