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    sabukweli reacted to GradedOnACurve in PO : Strike Anywhere - Nightmares Of The West (17 july)   
    Is it too much to ask for a To Live In DIscontent non pic disc repress? Hopefully between Jade Tree, Chunksaah, and Epitaph that could happen.
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    sabukweli reacted to Scruffy...the janitor in PO : Strike Anywhere - Nightmares Of The West (17 july)   
    Waiting for this is oppression!
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    sabukweli reacted to kylet in PO : Strike Anywhere - Nightmares Of The West (17 july)   
    Welp, I'll be the one to say it.

    Are you seriously denying Pure Noise pulls that shit?! Almost every fuckin release you need to buy some hoodie/pin/bag/frisbee/whatever in order to get the rarest vinyl variant. 

    Let me say this, Jake is an old friend of mine and I have nothing but respect fom him and the label. You represent that label, therefor I respect you.  But common man, don't call someone out for cracking jokes about the fact that you guys pull that crap. As someone who ran a label myself for years, I get it. You gotta move records, you gotta pay bills, hell pure noise even has employees, that something I know nothing about. I had bundles in my webstore for a few preorders myself, but ultimately it was just pissing off my customers. Which results in less records sold, which hurts releases/bands, and so on and so on. So I eventually moved away from the bundles. And starting seeing how it felt on the other end as a customer. It sucks! I can't tell you the amount of releases by Pure Noise I passed on and just said "I'll grab that eventually" because I didn't want to pay for the extra crap. We're here for the vinylz bro! Not the other goodies we're being suckered into buying. 

    Hopefully if anything comes of this conversation, we can get the rarest version of the new Strike Anywhere LP by itself. No disrespect. Long live PN!
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    sabukweli reacted to MacDonals in PO Now: Stay Inside - Viewing   
    This album had been released digital only and is getting a lot of hype in circles who love 90s emo. They have pretty silently opened vinyl pre-orders on the No Sleep site.

    200: Bone White
    300: Smoke Black
    Snagged a Bone White
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    sabukweli reacted to MacDonals in PO 4/18 - Mock Orange - The Record Play reissue   
    I feel that pain. Never unloading any vinyl again
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    sabukweli reacted to JohnMatrix in PO: Alkaline Trio- 7" ep   
    Ill never understand the USPS. $4 to ship a record but $16 to ship a damn t shirt
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    sabukweli reacted to dapeebs in PO now: Gates - Parallel Lives   
    Been waiting on some new material for these guys. Bloom & Breathe has to be in my top 5 albums for the 2010's. 
    Going to try to tune in tomorrow. This whole pandemic thing is going to RUIN smaller bands. Gonna be hard to try to support them all monetarily. 
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    sabukweli reacted to zaoza in PO NOW: Hopesfall - Arbiter   
    Yes, very much like Arbiter + TSY. 8 minutes of bliss, enough amount of heavy riffs and long spacey outro.
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    sabukweli reacted to zaoza in PO NOW: Hopesfall - Arbiter   
    Looks like just a single.
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    sabukweli reacted to cardiac in Victory Records represses (2020)   
    Forever waiting for (them to get up the nerve to lose money on) Grade - Headfirst Straight To Hell on something other than picture disc. Not holding my breath..
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    sabukweli reacted to lostcrimes in Dr. Dre - 2001 (2019)   
    Jesus people calm down. SRC is terrible but they didn't murder your parents. 
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    sabukweli reacted to Derek™ in Bon Jovi Cross Road Red Vinyl (Walmart Exclusive)   
    If any artist would have a Wal-Mart exclusive variant in 2019, it would 100% be Bon Jovi.
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    sabukweli got a reaction from Matt Danish in PO : Jimmy Eat World - Surviving   
    The following words come to mind after watching that video and hearing the single for the first time:
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    sabukweli reacted to erthan in Casual Discussion In A Dome Between Two Temples (emo revival recommendations)   
    They like to tease/troll on Twitter but yeah Everyone Everywhere 2012 is basically the defining record of that time period for me. 
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    sabukweli reacted to diabretic in PO: Saves the Day-Through Being Cool 20th Anniversary 2xLP   
    Ordered! We need a re-issue of CSD now. I have no idea why they haven't done that.
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    sabukweli reacted to Charles Barkley in Bootleg Vinyl Website   
    I buy my from Joe behind the Circle K. He also sells beef stew flavored juul pods and jalapeño cheddar hotdogs. 
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    sabukweli got a reaction from firebird1 in THE REVEAL. Face To Face - Ignorance Is Bliss   
    I still can’t believe this is actually happening. And with the EP tacked on no less. What a fucking dream come true! Grabbed an electric blue. I would’ve probably missed out if somebody hadn’t commented on punknews that the sale went up last night. 
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    sabukweli reacted to lethalenforcer in THE REVEAL. Face To Face - Ignorance Is Bliss   
    Let's not skirt around the fact that the true hero here is @jtcohenour
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    sabukweli reacted to ethereal in THE REVEAL. Face To Face - Ignorance Is Bliss   
    Passion of the Christ OST
    Heavy Blood Splatter /666
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    sabukweli reacted to OldKentuckyShark in THE REVEAL. Face To Face - Ignorance Is Bliss   
    Heavy Flow Splatter
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    sabukweli reacted to MyEnemy in PO: Tiny Moving Parts - Breathe (9/13/2019)   
    If I liked wearing an ill fitted bed sheet, I’d make my own shirts.
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    sabukweli reacted to Olsvik in PO SOON: Jimmy Eat World - Love Never b/w Half Heart (7")   
    is that a real post?
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    sabukweli reacted to Sh100by in Blink-182 "Nine"   
    Nice the album title really shows the creativity that undoubtedly went into recording this album. They're on a roll with these fire album names though. Personally I thought they'd go with USA after they did Neighborhoods and California. Like a Russian doll.