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  1. I hope I am wrong because the agreement is a little confusing/vague in some areas. But Purple Rain, Parade, Batman and Graffiti Bridge were not given over to Sony distribution and therefor cannot be included in this reissue campaign, which is a massive massive shame. Bring on The Rainbow Children though, cannot wait for that one.
  2. I can't see any quantity for the two new reissues, hopefully they pop up somewhere else as shipping to AUS is a bit of a nightmare
  3. Limited Edition version confirmed to only be available for today
  4. A few different pre order options available... Electric Blue /100 Glow In The Dark Blue Vinyl /200 - SOLD OUT Seafoam Green Vinyl /200 Galaxy Vinyl /400 Clear Vinyl /??? Milky Clear Vinyl /??? TRACKLIST: 01 “Not That Kind Of Girl” 02 “Without A Blush” 03 “Her Own Heart” 04 “Obsessed” 05 “Unwanted Guest” 06 “Secret” 07 “Kiss The Stars” 08 “Stay With Me” 09 “When I Get Out” 10 “Keep”
  5. Tour only 7" and the flexi discs from the expense bundle are now available on the Toro Y Moi webstore. https://store.toroymoi.com/collections/o-p-mart Pretty keen to check out the ambient instrumental cassette too
  6. The Prince Estate in partnership with Warner Bros. Records has today announced the release of Piano & A Microphone 1983 a brand new Prince album that features previously unreleased home studio cassette recording of Prince at his piano captured in 1983. This is effectively a private rehearsal which provides a rare glimpse into Prince’s creative process as he works through songs which include 17 Days and Purple Rain (neither of which would be released until 1984), a cover of Joni Mitchell’s A Case Of You, Strange Relationship (not released until 1987 on Sign O’ The Times) and International Lover. “This raw, intimate recording, which took place at the start of Prince’s career right before he achieved international stardom, is similar in format to the Piano & A Microphone Tour that he ended his career with in 2016,” said Prince Estate entertainment adviser Troy Carter. “The Estate is excited to be able to give fans a glimpse of his evolution and show how his career ultimately came full circle with just him and his piano.” This new release will be available as a special CD+vinyl LP deluxe edition which will include a 12-inch booklet featuring brand new liner notes written by Prince’s then engineer Don Batts, as well as candid shots of Prince including never before seen photos. Individual vinyl and CD releases are the other physical options. Piano & A Microphone 1983 will be issued on 21 September 2018 Standard LP - Amazon UK Vinyl LP + CD + Photobook - Amazon UK
  7. Robert Smith has finished remixing Wish and said that it will be out this year
  8. Still looking for the Mac Demarco/Shamir 7" single if anyone has any leads!
  9. That purple looks so pretty! Gotta feel a bit bad for Josh on this release, having the album leak on apple music before all the pre orders are even up is real rough.
  10. Only 2 copies left of the Japanese exclusive Blue Vinyl (limited to 300 copies), it's sold out everywhere else as far as I can see.
  11. Mac Demarco's 'This Old Dog - Demos' on LP will be out for RSD
  12. Courtney Barnett - 'Tell Me How You Really Feel' Purple Vinyl (Limited to 3000) + a myriad of bundles- Milk Store Red Vinyl (Indie Store exclusive) 01 Hopefulessness 02 City Looks Pretty 03 Charity 04 Need a Little Time 05 Nameless, Faceless 06 I’m Not Your Mother, I’m Not Your Bitch 07 Crippling Self Doubt and a General Lack of Self-Confidence 08 Help Your Self 09 Walkin’ on Eggshells 10 Sunday Roast A teaser for the new Courtney Barnett album 'Tell Me How You Really Feel' has been released along with a secret 7" single of the lead single 'A Nameless, Faceless' to select independent stores in Australia. The single is due to be officially released on Thursday the 15th of February. Teaser:
  13. Arcade Fire's first EP is supposedly being released on vinyl for the first time on April 20....
  14. https://www.roughtrade.com/gb/music/superorganism - Rough Trade Exclusive. 1000 Copies on Neon Yellow Vinyl. Gatefold sleeve, single vinyl, four-page booklet, download and bonus mixtape CD. - Indie Shops Exclusive. Glow in the Dark Gatefold sleeve, single vinyl, four-page booklet, download and bonus mixtape CD.
  15. Bunch of discount codes available for their US web store right, 'Don't Waste Your Wishes' is included of course victimsholiday (20% off) WONDERFULHOLIDAY (15% off) Killersholiday (10% off)
  16. Does your account on the Golf store say Complete or still 'Awaiting Fulfilment'?
  17. My local store posted the standard EU pressing, pretty dissapointing that this one is out in the wild but not the special edition from months ago.
  18. A few other sites mention clear vinyl in their listing. I am reading it as the bundle of shirt + 7" single is limited to 500. But who knows really. Very surprised this hasn't leaked yet tbh
  19. Available for preorder now... 2LP - Double Heavyweight Black Vinyl With Download 2LP - Rough Trade Exclusive. Only Coloured vinyl version in the world. Limited to 5000 Copies. Double Heavyweight Peach Vinyl with Download. Utopia is the ninth studio album from the iconic Bjork via One Little Indian Records. The new album is another classic from the good lady and her current crew of music makers. It takes in everything from piano and strings to drum machines, beats, bleeps, harps, flutes and samples. The perfect example of how future music can be made by always pushing the boundaries but never forgetting the song. It's another organic and mesmerizing album that unfolds with repeated plays. Simply outstanding - Bjork always is.
  20. I really enjoyed the sound of Low, but the volume drop on Heroes is totally inexcusable. I thought it might have been a bunch of older audiophiles overreacting, but that drop is so clear. The set is really beautiful, so it is a shame that such a significant track has a pretty major issue