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  1. Im rotating between Hollow Knight and Super mega baseball 2 on the switch
  2. Hi, I have just released an EP called Look What He Did. This is a continuation of my previous release. This release is a bit of a departure from the last one. 2 of the songs stretch out a bit. This ep features songs about Gary Ridgeway (Green River) along with 2 songs that make up the nighstalker suite, Original Nightstalker (East Area) and Richard Rameriez (Intruder). You can download and listen for free at https://uponorion.bandcamp.com/album/look-what-he-did There are 2 more EPs to come later this year.
  3. Im working on getting the next EP ready. Here is a song off of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NdCd8CGgvOw
  4. That's cool, like I said it's not for everyone.
  5. Hi, I have released and EP called look what you did. Each song on the EP is about a serial killer or a famous crime that has happened. I am working on follow up EPs. I realize this won't appeal to everyone haha. The ep can be listened to and downloaded for free from Bandcamp at http://uponorion.bandcamp.com