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  1. If you think the price of that Sparklehorse box is outrageous, wait until you see their subscription increase.
  2. Just back from Rough Trade and they had at least 15 copies.
  3. That's ridiculous. I shipped a record from Brooklyn to Brooklyn that took three weeks to arrive and the guy was super cool about it. Everyone has also been good with shipping only once a week. I'm still waiting for a record from Australia that was shipped in March. It's not the seller's fault so why would I blame him for the delay? Whoever left you that feedback is a cunt.
  4. Most often, shipping costs are listed in the seller's terms so I don't know why you wouldn't know how much they would charge.
  5. Three weeks ago, I shipped a record from Brooklyn to Brooklyn. It went to Pittsburgh first and now it's been stuck in Jersey City for the last week and a half. I'm still waiting to a record from Australia (six weeks now) and one from England (four weeks).
  6. Sacred Bones is re-releasing both records in their typical limited fashion. For fans of post punk/darkwave. https://www.sacredbonesrecords.com/collections/frontpage/products/sbr3037-molchat-doma-etazhi https://www.sacredbonesrecords.com/collections/frontpage/products/sbr3036-molchat-doma-s-krysh-nashikh-domov
  7. They really have embraced their inner Christopher Cross.
  8. What's with all the fuss? This isn't that great. Vocals and guitar are tinny---swallowed up by the room. The recording doesn't do Molina justice which makes me believe that there's not much out there to mine from in terms of live recordings and discarded tracks/recordings. I can't remember what was said, if anything at all, in Riding with the Ghost as far as unheard material is concerned.
  9. It is not. After moving from Greenpoint to Gowanus, Permanent Records lasted another couple of years.
  10. Only wanted the Patsy Cline and came up empty.
  11. Sharon Van Etten - Remind Me Tomorrow Fontaines D.C. - Dogrel Low Life - Downer Edn Tyler, the Creator - Igor
  12. Just back from Rough Trade. They were pulling the online orders as fast as they could but not stopping to let you know if the title was out of stock.
  13. I believe the originals were also Beefy Tees.
  14. Same t-shirt I bought when I saw them play in 1992. It's a classic.
  15. I believe there are better speaker pairings out there for a Marantz receiver like Dynaco A25s or Acoustic Research 4x or 4xa.