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  1. I’ve wanted a copy of Gran Turismo for fifteen years. This is fantastic.
  2. The Bronx have a new 7” with two b-sides from Bronx V and it’s exclusive to their current tour. It’s Stranger Danger b/w New Joy. It’s on two colors, pink and yellow. They’ve also got cassette copies of Bronx I. EDIT: These are now up on The Bronx’s webstore. Each 7” color is limited to 150 copies. Code BRONXFRIDAY will get you a sweet discount. https://www.instagram.com/p/BpvaxojAMUv/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=183xtzdom68q9
  3. It's the same vocalist, they just get him a new costume for each record. The single "Cirice" has leaked and is good. http://www.childrenofghost.com/2015/05/30/listen-to-ghost-cirice/ If you guys haven't checked out Subvision, you should. It's Tobias' (Papa Emeritus) band prior to Ghost. Both the EP and full length are a fun listen.
  4. Sweet. Youtube is Seanofthesea I'm in for a copy of The Black Parade
  5. I picked up an Indie store copy via a local store today and it is on kelly green, not mint. This is irrelevant, as it sounds great. I tried to order an orange copy, but couldn't get the Green Hell site to work. I was extremely happy when I saw an orange copy (limited to 100) up on Relapse's Discogs page. It was only $19.99, so I saved around $30 not importing it. Now I just need to snag a clear copy of the 2xLP and my need for variants will be satiated.
  6. It's definitely good. I'll need more time with it before I claim it's better than everything else, though.
  7. My clear Swedish copy sounds infinitely better, but my US copy was a shit press. My US copy had dimples all over the wax that effect the album on my turntable. Also, the Swedish packaging was better and the band wasn't labeled Ghost BC, which is still annoying.
  8. How many lithographs did anyone else's deluxe copy come with? Mine had three and I thought it came with two.
  9. Alt rockers Failure have finally decided to follow up their classic Fantastic Planet. You can preorder the new album at their PledgeMusic page. There is a bevy of options in the preorder and the prices are a little steep. Why is a 2xLP $50? Why is the autographed version $33 more, while the cd autograph upgrade is a mere $10 more? These questions of so many more can be gathered at the link below. On a side note, the snippets of new stuff is good and I'm looking forward to this. http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/failure
  10. Just a little spring cleaning. All prices are PPD and negotiable. Death From Above 1979 - You're A Woman, I'm a Machine (pink 2xLP vinyl) $80 Holograms - S/T (clear w/bag, 500) $25 Jesu - Silver EP (180gm Silver vinyl, Euro pressing, limited to 160) $45 Opeth - Heritage (deluxe box set) $100 Thrice - Artist in the Ambulance - (green marble, 1103) $40 *pending Torche - Meanderthal (test pressing, 26/50) $50 Whirr - Around (Will Schaff version, 6/50) $50 Whirr - Around (Record club version, 222/300) $30 Whirr - Around (clear w/splatter, 1st press) $20 (two copies) Wino - Adrift (US Pressing, Black, 800) $15 Wino - Punctuated Equilibrium (180gm black w/10") $30 Young Widows - Easy Pain (gold w/7", 100) $50