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  1. The box set with the first three records was worth the money. You guys shouldn’t have waited. $50 is steep. Didn’t they get screwed by indie go-go on the record before this one?
  2. I snagged both Few and White Bat for $21.99 each on Amazon last year after Christmas.
  3. The white version of Holding a Wolf by the Ears is $11.99. I’ve been meaning to grab the other color because I like it more, but the $11.99 got me. Lol.
  4. They sure did. Happy to see them at a reasonable price.
  5. For those who missed this, a repress has been done and is available from Consouling Sounds on two colors, maroon and a clear with black haze. They also have an auction going for a test press. They are €30.
  6. I ordered the limited to 199 one minute after the preorder went up and they sent the wrong variant. Snagged a clear copy off of Discogs, but I really dig the merge version and hope Relapse can get me swapped out. This record is so good.
  7. I’m in the US, I just liked the Aussie variant best. I got tracking from both the store and the AUS government.
  8. I got my copy in last week that I ordered from Australia. Looks and sounds great.
  9. What you guys are failing to understand is that the band used the Fibonacci sequence to master this album to vinyl, which is why it has to have an etching on the back of each lp. Only real fans understand the numerology of the $810 price mark, and they’re happy to pay that price. In fact, anyone who isn’t shouldn’t even post in this thread because they’re not a real fan. Plebes.
  10. This album rules. Snagged a clear copy on Discogs.
  11. I have an extra, as I got a clear copy on Discogs before my pink copy has even arrived.
  12. Yeah, it has more BD vibes than DT. The album is very good and I eagerly await my copies arriving to throw on the turntable.
  13. Finally got my copy of New Noise and the track on the flexi is good. It’s too bad it isn’t getting a better release than on a Flexi disc, but I’ll take it any way I can get it.